Saturday, November 26, 2011

JoD: Tolerating oppression

The Joys of Diversity

Man standing at the bustop, talking to his two girls. Wife few feet behind, busy with the little boy in the babycart.

Two girls, both under 10-12 year of age, covered in headscarves, schoolbooks in their hand, and backpacks.

Worshipping multiculti dictates:

We are to tolerate the intolerant father who cannot tolerate prebubescent girls to be free without headscarves*, in the name of respecting their culture. In this case, the offended are to be branded racist and banished from any civilized discussion.

Worshipping multiculti also dictates:

We are not to tolerate the tolerant tradition of christmas and as such, the president will issue a "Happy Holidays" message instead of a "Merry Christmas" message; in the name of not offending the perpetually offended. In this case, the offended are to be wished "Happy holidays", and in some cases be given trip money so they can visit their homes. (Where they had claimed "My life is under threat"...)

Just like I wished Merry Ramadan to my friends who are peacefully practicing it, I wish Merry Christmas month to ones celebrating it.

*You see, tolerating the intolerant, always leads to the tolerant being intolerated, once the intolerant gain enough ground or the tolerant lose faith in their own rights to live according to their own beliefs. Sadly, as un-pc as it may seem, the only way to a society where people can coexist according to their own beliefs is to be infinitely intolerant to the intolerant. The west thinks that the tolerance they bestow upon fathers who cover little girl's heads will be returned to them as tolerance by these people. It will not. The intolerant, by definition, is incapable to tolerate. The only reason that the intolerance stays within the family walls is that a necessary strength has not been reached.

Look at pictures from Egypt in 1950 and now, you'll see. Same for Iran, same for Turkey, same for Syria. Intolerance wins because the tolerant tolerate their own oppression.

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