Saturday, November 12, 2011

To hunt, or to fish

Been intended in her for long time. Very attractive compact sized woman.

We got a few mutual friends that were intimate at some point.

Last time I see her the interaction is a very warm 30 seconds, which leaves me dumbfounded at the sweet femininity.


I was going to be in her town for a past weekend, so hit her up on FB, about advice on a place to go, no answer ever came.


When I came downtown, having a walk on the main street, I bump into her. Immediate smile, immediately touching; her friends who are known to be bitchy, now friendly. After where you are goings, and she tells me where they are going, she stumbles when saying the "hope to see.. to.. you" in a funny way.


Now I am sitting in another bar as I would not immediately follow and wrote the previous post. Then this.

Now I gotta decide.

Will I hunt when the prey has likely invited me nervously with a smile,

Or will I fish, wait for another unknown time, she the fish is in town again, and bumps into my line and hook?

There is of course the third option, that I am the prey, and I bit the bait.

Will decide after I press publish, and down this glass of sangria.

Wish a good weekend to all.


  1. I'm late, but what did you decide in the end?

  2. I sat in my usual bar drinking wine and writing that post from my phone. Took me an hour or so, calling friends etc, then I decided to go to where she said she would be.

    Turns out there is a concert in the venue and the cover charge is higher than usual.

    Fuck it, I said, first went out of the venue, then said, fuck it and went back and paid.

    Apparently the girls said fuck it only once, and had not paid.