Monday, November 14, 2011

Smelly Media: Our Presi-multiculti-dent joins the witchhunt.

Halonen hopes for bold opposition to racism

I definitely agree.

I boldly oppose the racism in the wolf packs of cultural enrichers who try to intimidate the locals by their numbers and behavior.

I boldly oppose in the racism of vibrant families who vibrate their daughters if they are seen with a local.

I boldly oppose the racism the imported poor souls dish upon me when I am walking by; especially if they are present in their numbers.

I boldly oppose the racism that states it is ok to rape western girls because it is not so bad for them.

Is our presi-multi-dent happy?

No, because I just mentioned things that we should tolerate under "all cultures are equal and welcome except of course the western/finnish/goodwilling foreign"

She is talking about Finns, and non-Finns, seeing the influx of intolerant, non-working, aggressive, unthankful, (add adjective) people coming over, getting fed, housed, educated and then still crying a river of racism.

About us, whose taxes are going to unemployable imports.

About us, whose economic future is not looking bright, and who are not an oppressed class, who are not counted unfortunate, who cannot expect to live like kings on welfare dole.

Let's see:

President Tarja Halonen is hoping for bolder opposition to racism in Finland. In an interview with Helsingin Sanomat published on Sunday, Halonen said that party leaders, civil servants and ordinary citizens have roles to play in standing up against racism.
What about the roles of the foreigners to stand up against the rotten apples in their ethnic groups?
Oh, now that sounded racist, sorry. Can't ask any group to take responsibility for harboring rotten apples. Nonono...
What about ethnic groups taking action against the welfare queens, kings and harems on welfare?
Opps, I must be a racist.
There is a reason, Mrs. President, that shops are going bankrupt when they customers start to become vibrant. Oh, did I mention that female vibrants are missing from public life? But yea, all cultures should be tolerated. Even those where the women are fully utilized as breeding machines, and the western girl are used as sperm urinals. All good. No prob. Our taxes will help the fallout of that, too.

According to Halonen, it is crucial to oppose racism in everyday life. She says that racism is ’bubbling’ in society, and that it bursts into the open from time to time.
When you call looking out for your children "racism", what she is asking is to abandon all hope, ye idiots.
There are two ways of looking at this:
The comparably peaceful and tolerant Finnish/western/scandinavian culture is a raving racist maniac;
Or the people who escaped unfortunate conditions bleepholes bring the culture with them, the culture that is one of the reasons that the bleephole was a bleephole.
The first way is the PC way. Blame it on the west. The way of the politicians and the media.
The second way. You effing racist.
P.s.: When the bleephole exports are behaving tribal we are to say "it is their culture"; when the Finns (or lawful, productive foreigners) behave tribal, it is racism.

The president is particularly concerned about the hardening of language.
Allright, so how does she suggest people communicate their observations, thoughts, and feelings?

Halonen’s comments were made in regard to an earlier Helsingin Sanomat poll on racism in society. In an interview with Centre Party organ Suomenmaa, controversial Finns Party MP Jussi Halla-aho criticised a recent statement by Halonen that ”people who recognise their own racist traits vote for the Finns Party.”

You see, she is unfortunately mistaken about the reason.

It is not the Finns recognising their own racist traits voting for the Finns Party,

It is the Finns who are recognizing the traitorous racist traits in the other parties that are openly racist against their own people, that vote for the Finns Party.

The hatred of the western culture, the hatred for their own people is oozing out a bit more everyday; and ordinary people who respect the spilled sweat, blood and tears to create a civilization in this frozen hellhole are starting to smell the stink.

Later addition: So what comes to mind is the racist Finnish flag that is so oppressively flying over every apartment building on special days. What happens one day when a enough number of oppressed enrichers come together (from previous news about Neo-Nazis, 30 was an alarmingly large number, so let's stick to 30), say 30, and claim that the proudly flying Finnish flag is oppressive against them, and it is racist, and either the flag shall not be flown, or in every town, flags shall be flown according to the ethnic make up of the towns .

What then? The Christmas carols have left the building in many daycares and some elementary schools, if they have not gone, they are called the Holiday Carols...

What about the Finnish flag? Will it be flown? Or will it change from the blue cross on white ground to a rainbow on a white ground to signify diversity?

See, this question may seem like science fiction, but it is closer than many think.

It is just that 30 signatures have not yet been collected.

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