Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Always assume she has the pipeline full

"Tuesday I got -retracted legitimate reason- so only day I can is tomorrow. Are you free?" she said

In between messaging, and me setting the messages so that the date would be at her place or mine, and taking my time in between replies, all going well and receptive,

"I got a project that will take my evening. Are you free later the week" is the message I receive.

1. Out of the blue
2. Project not named; reason is vague
3. Came after warm reception to the suggestion to meet in a private location

Tells me she got a better offer.

(Allright, what's the percentage of probability that I am wrong? 5%, 7%? negligible)

Always assume she is seeing someone else.


When you are wrong, even then, this will only help you.

If... she... is... not... f%&king... you..., she... is... f%&king... someone... else.

No hard feelings, this is life.

Learn the lesson, and move on, smirk on your face.


  1. what are the child support laws in Finland? Is it aggressively enforced?

  2. The asked support is in the order of few hundred euros, if that. (May be wrong, maybe my Finnish readers would clarify)

    And if the father is not able to pay, the state will cover his share.

    In other words, we, the childless working, are paying for the spawn of the irresponsible, while not having children of our own because we cannot afford to raise a kid.

  3. The amount of supports is complicated due to many variables but is in the order of 100-400 €/month. There is a document in Finnish at : http://www.om.fi/1182265240526 which explains the details of how much it would be.

  4. Thanks. I knew there was an upper limit, though I did not know it was 400 e.

  5. seems like the U.S. is much more female friendly. Child support here starts at 20-25% of wages, plus miscellaneous, that can include dividends and interest on savings, as well as health insurance on behalf of the child. Here, health insurance is mainly "affordable" by working for a corporation. So that requirement means corporate employment becomes mandatory.

    Furthermore, there is a national police grid to aggressively enforce collection, backed by the threat of jail. Its fairly routine for a middle class office worker to pay $1200+ per month. All this is after family assets are liquidated and divided 50/50 in a divorce settlement.

    my point is, that the modern sexually liberated female with "full pipeline" is a bit nerve racking under such circumstances. Maybe I should move to Finland.

  6. Anonymous, child support laws are different in every state, and so is the formula for computing the support. For example, in MD, where I live, the support calculation involves the mother's income and there is an upper limit to how much you pay, which less than the amount you quoted. Not saying the laws are right or fair, but we should try to be accurate.