Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The fake radical

Ties into The Real Radical

"I am active in the church" she says
"You? Come on... "
"Yes. I am"
"You never struck me as a church goer."

"Yea, anyway I am one of the radicals. The people are making it difficult for me" she says with the attitude of a martyr.
"What's radical? Supporting marriage?" I ask,
"You know, gay rights in the church, women priests and so"

In a time when the church is cutting the finances of parishes that are against gay and women priests, when the church is talking about educating imams, when the church welcomes single moms with open arms while blaming men for desertation...

The radical is the one who follows Christ, not PCrist.


  1. Over here, the Church has gotten bad, but not that bad. With the exception of the Anglican faith of course. There is the shaming of men and the pedestalization of women but no one is clamoring for female or gay "priests". The former is destroying the Anglican Church and we all know what the Lavender Mafia has done for my church, the RCC.

  2. They will not rest, until the western culture is dead.

    This can be a concentrated effort, or simply independently acting "me me me" agents.

    It all ends up here: A western man owes nothing to the society anymore. A society that treats men as pinatas to be dumped after the candy is out.

    Talking about west, not just Finland.