Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Smelly Media: The game of humanism, congratulating yourself out of existence

The happy hippy hippo picture at it again.

Face Festival grabs human rights award

Finland is embracing diversity on Wednesday in celebration of the International Day for Tolerance. The Finnish League for Human Rights awarded the Faces Etnofestival, held annually in Raasepori, this year’s prize for contributing to the advancement of human rights.

What proof is there that "diversity is strength", or "diversity is good"?

It is just another feel good ideology that is dumped down our throats like toilet cleaning liquid.

And this I say, while I am a child of two cultures.

Look at the picture in the text and the only thing I see is a welfare hippy dancing in the mud, high on grass. I may be wrong, but in this day and age where image is everything, this counts a lot.

Here, I give also an award:

The League says that the Faces festival has long done comprehensive work to promote human rights. Last summer’s festival theme was “Viva la difference”, a celebration of diversity.

Heh.. Viva la difference.

You see, if you are in the academic circle (like I am), this is true. Everyone is educated, everyone is trying to make something of their life, be productive, get along, learn other cultures etc, and you know what, we are the minority in the diversity. And, we are not a protected minority, because we are not vibrant/enriching enough.

If you are in the hippie circle, then you probably will not be faced with any enriching vibrant minorities anyway; the foreigners that will create diversity in your ranks will be the mellow yellow ones.

If you are in the leftist circles, then you will tolerate any an all bad aspects of diversity in the name of the Leftie Father, Jesus Leftie, and the Holy Left Spirit.

Get out to the real world, and then you see that diversity, once it reaches a tipping point will vibrate the society into a mutation of its former self, just like cancer mutates the breast tissue.

But yea,

Viva la difference!

Since all you are able to recognize are the different food courts and the possibility of sex with exotic looking people.

The rest is just made up imaginations of the racists.

The prize is now awarded for the tenth time. Previous winners included secretary general of the Finnish Disability Forum Pirkko Mahlamäki and immigration counsellor Melody Karvonen.

Congratulations, if what they did helped people.

The International Day for Tolerance has been observed since 1996. The UN-declared day emphasises acceptance of diversity and everyone's right to live according to their own beliefs.

Emphasis mine.

Let's say one believes in: (People that I met, yes..)

- Having sex with a ten year old is ok if the parents are ok with it.
- Having sex with donkeys is fun.
- Killing your sister if she is not a virgin on marriage is ok.
- Killing your wife if she is not a virgin on marriage is acceptable.
- Killing because one insulted your mother is ok.
- Burning dogs alive is ok, as dogs are sinful creatures.
- Not allowing a girl out of the house is ok.
- Not sending a girl to school is ok.
- Justice is to be served on blood basis, leading to blood feuds are tradition.
- More that I care not to dig out from my memory...

Or, from the news,

- Cutting away a girls clitoris is tradition
- Marrying a ten year old is tradition
- Beating up a girl because she held hands with a guy is tradition
- Beating up that guy is tradition and fun
- Killing because the dead one criticized religion, is mandated
- Raping a girl to revenge her family is payback
- "Eating Pygmies give superman powers" is a common belief, leading to manhunts in the jungle.
- Raping western girls is acceptable because they have sex anyway.
- Throwing acid on women who have no headscarf is a mandatory action.
- Just open the news and insert an item that smells of diversity; there is no shortage.

So, the UN tells me I got to tolerate those beliefs,

But saying that I do not tolerate those beliefs is to be intolerated.

I am the criminal. For being the real humanist.


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