Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Smelly Media: The Love Connection

Allright NATO may not be the best thing right now, but where would Europe's so cherished welfare be if we would not live under the umbrella of the US military protection. Even Finland, which is not in NATO only has managed to spare change for a welfare system because it could keep its military at a joke level, compared to Russia.

But that is not the love connection. The love connection comes later.

Stubb under fire for behavior at Nordic Council meeting

Somebody has been a bad boy... Can't have that! Bad boy, bad boy, shame on you.

European Affairs Minister Alexander Stubb raised eyebrows at a meeting of Nordic foreign ministers in Copenhagen on Wednesday. Members of the Finnish delegation were upset by Stubb's behaviour at the meeting, which they said showed open disinterest.

Maybe it is because all the decisions were pre-decided, all was done, nothing said would change anything? Which is not the topic either, but here it comes:

“Yesterday’s conference was good. Just as I love the EU I also love Nordic cooperation—this is really exciting, important and fun,” Stubb told YLE.


So why does he love the EU? Today, someone saying they love the EU, unless they are part of the EU elite - Eurocrats, banksters and their bedfellows - ,is akin to a person saying, "I love my rapist. And I love that my rapist will rape my children. And then when the rapist gets tired of me, and my children, the rapist will rape my grandchildren; oh how much I love my rapist..."... Just does not make sense.

On the Nordic Cooperation,

He is having fun, it is exciting... Wow... Perfect way to describe the necessity of a cooperation... It is important too.. Wow... Whom does it benefit tho?

Apparently not the Nordic people:

Finland holds the 2011 Nordic Council chairmanship. According to Finland’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs, discussions centred on the current situation in North Africa and Palestine, and particularly on women’s rights in those areas.

Why can I somehow not manage to move myself emotionally for these problems?

Shame me for having a narrow vision.

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