Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Breeding like rabbits don't make a civilization

Sitting in the cafe I overheard this heated conversation between a student from a civilized Asian country and kid who came here as a refugee from a medieval ass backward geographical location.

I would agree to their assessment of the old people living in the elderly homes with no family. That is crap.

One gem:

"Life here is shit man. Everything is too easy"... while I agree to the basic sentiment, to this kid who ran away from the non-civilization that his forefathers did not build: well, freck off then... go back where it is not easy. Oh, forgot, life here is shit, but there you...

But then, the kid says this:

"You know. My grandfather did not have to go to the elderly home. He had 46 sons, and 2 wives. So he could spend bit time with this son, bit time with this son"


Ever wonder why your relatives are starving?
Ever wonder why your relatives will continue to starve, no matter what amount of aid is sent?
Ever wonder why the place never made it past medieval times?
Ever wonder why it will never make it past medieval times?

But yea, the west is not breeding, but it is producing, and paying some men somewhere to live happily with two wives, 46 sons, and with that fertility, 1600+ grandsons.

Try to sustain that.

Btw, either he misused "sons" instead of "children", or they do not count the "girls" as children, as human beings.

Yo westerner, tolerate that.


  1. funny how we have so many alpha male blogs, with people chest thumping their ability to get the bar slag into the sack with magical efficiency, but they usually have zero or maybe one child. Meanwhile, peasants in the third world have multiple wives / mistresses and a dozen children or more. What's worse, is that western cultures have no political will to keep the endlessly breeding rabits from over flowing across their borders. Western society is "beta".

  2. "The Chinese from time immemorial have denied that women possess a personal soul. If a Chinaman is asked how many children he has, he counts only the boys, and will say none if he has only daughters. Mahomet excluded women from Paradise for the same reason, and on this view depends the degraded position of women in Oriental countries."

    Sex and Character - O. Weininger

  3. The more children I have, the less money I have to spend in fulfilling my own selfish hedonistic needs. If I were a millionaire then it would be a different situation. But until then, no children for me.

  4. Anon 1:

    One can argue, that with the ongoing trends, why bring a child to this world that will pay even a higher price for feeding the rabbits to breed. At home and abroad.

    Anon 2:

    While you are thinking that way, where do you think the 30% tax you are paying is going to... You having a child or not does not change the fact that you are spending your precious time working from which 30+% is confiscated in order to get the can't-afford-a-blanket to breed.

    And yes, your way is maybe the only plausible way left for a young man.