Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Smelly Media: "#¤"#¤"%#¤'s in the government

Sometimes you stop and wonder.

Do we have idiots in politics or do they hate their own people.

Eurocrats definitely hate the europeans, but local politicians?

Or are they just intelligent, good willing honorable people who have been brainwashed?

Finland more flexible on Schengen expansion

Finland has shifted its position in negotiations on Bulgaria and Romania joining the Schengen area. Finland will now agree to the removal of border controls in between the Schengen area and those two countries in two stages, provided that sufficient efforts are made to reform justice systems and fight corruption.

Allright. Now it makes sense to change the doors, install triple high security locks, install GPS transmitters into the cars, and hope for the best.

Even with border controls, the free travel possibility screwed my town in Finland with a beggar on every corner, with shady people hanging out in corners, Helsinki is in worse situation, my town in Germany has only one nationality of street musicians left; no more diversity, only one group; Oslo clearly had organized begging in the streets with the one nasty looking young man strolling the streets, providing protection to the beggars.

Yea, just open the borders.

Because we, the law abiding citizens do not matter. We are sheep made for slaughter in the politicans' benefits.

About the emphasized part: I have a pink elephant that can fly.

In September Finland opposed this plan, along with the Netherlands. Schengen expansion has to be approved unanimously by existing members, so the Finns and Dutch were effectively wielding their vetoes.

Somehow I think the dutch will leave the union before the shit hits the fan.

The thing is the shit has filled the room, it will not matter if some more hits the fan or not.

And with their diversity ratio, the Dutch are screwed to oblivion anyway.

But, my best wishes to the Dutch.

Their opposition was grounded in the fear that organised crime in the two countries would create problems if free movement to Schengen countries was granted.

Racists. There is no thing as crime. Crime is a social construct made to oppress unfortunate people with shady choices.

Finland’s position shifted a little yesterday, when Reuters reported that European Affairs Minister Alexander Stubb said that Finland would be willing to take a two-track approach – first opening air and sea borders, before later making a separate decision on land borders.

Stubb will be sacked soon. He is tickling the eurocrats a bit too much.

She added that Finland is waiting on an EU Commission report into efforts to fight corruption and reform the judiciary in Bulgaria and Romania that will be ready in February.

And I a truly believe that Russia and China will become environmental friendly governments by February.

This kind of wishful thinking coupled with the treason of the Brusselites will be the apocalypse of the west.

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