Monday, November 21, 2011

Smelly Media: To be governed by the clueless

Sometimes there are news articles out there making you wonder...

Tuomioja: "progress towards democracy in Egypt will continue"

Finland's Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja believes Egypt's progress towards democracy will continue.

In the meanwhile the country has totally fallen into the hands of the brotherhood.

Churches are being burned.

Kids are being beaten to death because they dared to show the cross hanging on their necks.

Any voice out of the line is made to play the headless horseman. 

Mr. Tuomioja is right, if he considers democracy as the rule of the majority, including the right of the majority to choose to obliterate a minority or not.

What a democracry... More like demogr-ass-y

P.s.: The guys who will win the next election are the same who have protests, e.g. in London, with banners "Democracy is Hypocrisy"

Tuomioja observed certain groups were trying to spread unrest in the run-up to elections next week. However, he believed the army wanted to hand over to a civilian administration.

Funny, the last time an army tried to halt the unrest (rightly or wrongly) it was bombed into oblivion by western forces. Wonder what makes this one so special.

Anyway, our foreign minister apparently decides on our foreign politics based on beliefs, not facts and uncensored news.

But he added the young people behind the Arab Spring would not give up their demands.

“They will not accept a new dictatorship,” he noted.

Unless it is their own...

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