Thursday, November 03, 2011

Smelly Media: Nazi SS in da house!!

NAZI invasion in the parliament! We got to do something! Having an unapproved ideology is criminal!

Finns Party assistant admits national socialist link

A member of the Finns' Party parliamentary staff admitted on Tuesday that she applied to join a neo-Nazi group two years ago. The information was leaked to the media a day earlier.
She committed the only crime bigger than not being a PC MC  Diversity Globalist Leftie Worshipper.
She follows a nationalist leftist ideology.


Yes, a leftist ideology, the only one that is not approved and the only one that is being tried to be dumped on the non left.

Yes, you Che tshirt carriers, Hitler was one of you. If Hitler was evil, and his followers are now prosecuted, what does it make Stalin, and Mao who have tens of times more murders on their hands. Stalin. who was a bedfellow with Hitler and only denounced him when Hitler backstabbed him and called National Socialism the right.The Nazi party declaration has almost the same lines as the Stalin declared, Mao declared, and those are same to what Mussolini had, which are eerily similar to what our leftie liberals have.

Even the name is left National Socialism, not National Consevatism, not National  Soldiers of Christ. The only difference is that socialism today is Global Sell Our Children's Future Socialism. And instead of National Socialism, it  only is closer to the more bloodthirsty, more murderous S&M.

The victor writes history, and thus we see that following ideologues who murdered more than 100.000.000 people is accepted under PC while a smaller criminal (ruthless criminal nevertheless) who has a fraction of that death count causes you to be prosecuted.

This was clearly shown to me when a leftie told me that the "50.000.000  dead in China was the necessary price for system change"

That's for dead Chinese in China. And these are the born and let lived Chinese. The aborted/dead baby girl count needed to reach a 50.000.000 surplus of men due to the one kid policy is not included.

But who cares about that.. The Polish, the Ukrainian, the Cambodian, the Chinese, the Russians...

Fair sacrifice for the Gods of the Liberal Realm. (I do not distinguish between the lefties and the libbies, too close to eachother for the differences to be worth dwelling on)
MP Juho Eerola's assistant, Ulla Pyysalo, says she applied for membership in the Finnish Resistance Movement without being aware of all of its views. The group espouses a national socialist, anti-immigrant agenda.
She is an assistant, so she does not have to have extensive knowledge. But if you are applying to some organization that has a your ethnicity's name on it, you gotta be doubly careful, can't have that. It is less risky to join "Genocide on Europeans, Sing Kumbayya" group that joining anything that does have an inclination of protecting your own ethnicity in it. "Finnish Socialist Workers Union" does not count, as their loyalty is to M&S&M ,Marx Stalin Mao; so it is approved.

The daily Helsingin Sanomat reports that the Finns Party board will discuss the revelation at a meeting on November 19. It quotes the chair of party's parliamentary delegation, Pirkko Ruohonen-Lerner, as saying the issue is very serious and could lead to expulsion from the party.
So much from freedom of thought, and freedom of association.
Freedom, as long as it is Party Approved.

In our liberal times, freedom means freedom as long as it fits the liberal ideology.
Just like the 100.000.000 million dead peasants and thinkers; your death will not make a liberal flinch; since your thoughts not fitting the approved ideology makes you not worthy of life.

In July, Pyysalo made headlines when she posted an offensive joke on her Facebook page about Greens MP Jani Toivola.
The greens, the left, complaining about some ad hominem joke, while their default course of action in an argument is to attack ad hominem, not just joke about it.

Left, thy name is bloodthirsty hypocrisy.

Disclaimer: I do not subscribe to Nazi or neo-Nazi ideology, nor do I attend their meetings. Besides, due to the way I look, I am a prime target for their actions.

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