Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How the sexual revolution helped the good girls

4 girls. Good girls. Good looking girls. Sweet, intelligent, apparently good company.

4 guys. The boyfriends of these girls. Handsome men. Men in demand. Intelligent men with charm.

Girls are throwing themselves at these men. Knowing they have girlfriends or not. Ready to go rent a hotel room upstairs, ready to take these men to their own homes when the boyfriend is away, ready to shag on command.

No strings needed, no strings asked, no strings demanded.

There is only so much a man can resist. These men have resisted the temptation, up to now, right or wrong.

But you can only resist so much, when there are girls willing to give you blowjobs in the mens toilet, when their boyfriend is drinking at the same bar. When there are girls  ready to spread the milk without you even needing to milk the cow. When there are girls smiling at you when you say "Ola" to them, your two hands on their two butts; girls who know your relationship... When girls go "I got a boyfriend but that is no problem" or "I know your girlfriend"...

When it is raining men ripe for plucking vajayjays...,
It is a losing battle for the good girls out there. (A battle that already massacred the Average Joes out there)

The revolution needs sacrifices. And no sacrifice is fulfilled without a few maidens thrown in the mix.

Funny also how we call it the sexual revolution; many women are just revolving like a tornado between a few select men.

We used to call that "Girl has become a toll gate(the revolving type seen in the metros)", nowadays it is called the "C0ck carousel"..

Both are based on revolutions.

Viva la revolucion!*

*As long as revolving is the only demand. No buying the Tornado Cows.

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