Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's all a numbers game.

When you go out and don't get smashed everytime, you observe. You see. You remember.

When your friends are the same, you can then share stories.

And since it is a small town, there are people that catch your attention.

For example:

A middle european, the second time meeting me:

"Do you know the guy in the white shirt? Is he your countryman?"
"The psycho?"
"Yeah! Yeah! That defines him"

A middle eastern:
"Monobrow is not here tonight. Maybe that is a sign the camelf%&kers moved to some other venue"


This story is about a different guy. 

As a black friend of mine calls him: "The big headed brotha"

The guy has a head almost as wide as the shoulders. A real sight to behold. And the interesting part is, unlike other africans, he hangs solo.

This guy has no low limits. He has no bottom in his standards.

One thing I appreciate about him is that he fears no rejection. One of the most active guys in the nightlife.

So active that, when he starts rolling, it is like an avalanche, not stopping for anything.

In front of me, his arm reached out to pull to himself a passing by 20 year old, only to get shot down by a "Fuck you". He turns to his right, goes full on Jamaican (he is not) sexy boy on a 60 year old pudgy chubby, her friends wave him off, he turns around, and the closest girl to him is a 150 kilo warhog. All this happened in under a minute. In ten minutes they were french kissing on the dancefloor. Bubblehead, and warhog.

This, everytime we are in the same venue.

It clearly is a case of "Man, any pussy is an upgrade from a camel" (in this case, a bonobo)

Kinda explains.

Then, there is the saying, give infinite monkeys typewriters and infinite time, eventually they will write hamlet.

And so it was.

Going to meet some friends for a sunday coffee, just when I am at the door, Bubblehead comes out, and behind him is a 20 year old petite redhead, happy to be following a catch.

Even the broken clock ticks right twice a day;
Or the monkey theory. After porking so many porks, hogging so many hogs,  you will eventually skewer a piglet.
Both hold.
One thing I know, the next time I see this guy, it will be again the avalanche not stopping for a second. Warhog, granny, tranny, anything that has a hole.

I would like to write something about the girl, but the only thing I can say is she is damaged goods, vibrated to the point of no return, untouchable like enriched uranium.

Wish I had some database to log in the "untouchables"...

At this time of being porked by enriching vibrants turning into a fashion, this is a necessity. 

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