Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Smelly Media: Finnish PM confessess to the EUSSRs death wish to democracy

EU; the greatest democratic union of our time?


EUSSR, the totalitarian ideological brainchild of the communistic unions?

Our democratic prime minister clearly gives the answer:

PM: Greek referendum an unpleasant surprise

Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen considers Greece’s plans to hold a referendum over the recently agreed bailout deal an unexpected and negative turn of events. Greece announced the decision to leave the fate of the bailout in the hands of its citizens on Monday.

Look, the Greeks may have voted themselves to the money of the northern europeans;

Or the politicians may have given the benefits to them to get the vote, or benefits without the vote...

In any case, the common denominator of these possible cause scenarios are the politicians, the EUcrats, the elites and their bedfellows.

Greece's demise, (besides in my opinion not as hard working as the northern states, getting your benefits payed by them, which would make them more of a f¤cker than a sucker) was purely inflicted on them by the politicians, the EUcrats, their owners and bedfellows.


This group of the anointed totalitarian unselected criminals are selling away a country's future, (already sold, if you ask me), and more securely fastening the future slave status of the Europeans.

Papandreu is playing a political game with this referandum, but still calling this

"a negative turn"

Should tell the people of the EU;

EU is not a democracy.

EUSSR is here to sacrifice your children's future in the name of the Gods of PC MC Leftie Liberal Globalist Enviro Femi Faschism.

The EUSSR clearly has burned the bridges with the people.

The EUSSR is not created to benefit the people; only the elites and their cronies.

"a negative turn"...

A very honest remark.

Katainen says that the decision could have damaging repercussions for European stability. He says that he has been in touch with leaders around Europe since the news came and that it has taken everyone by surprise.

European stability was thrown out with the bathwater when the unelected technocrats were allowed to create their ueber-government according to ideologies that do not take human nature, history, facts and logic into account and have failed. Ideologies that left tens of millions dead as political sacrifice.

According to the latest opinion polls, a majority of Greeks are opposed to the bailout and to the austerity measures that come with the package.

Now the thing for Merkel to do, if she wants to be remembered as the "German chancellor", not the "EUSSR's puppet", is to call a referendum on the German people if they want to once again pay for others' welfare state. And even if they want to leave the EUSSR.

The hopes that the Finnish government will do it is zero.

“I’m afraid of the worst—that this will cause instability in the eurozone and partially impede the positive developments that last Sunday’s eurozone-level decisions could have brought about,” Katainen says. “It is not a pleasant surprise. Uncertainty breeds more uncertainty, and these are uncertain times as it is.”

There were many more timemarks when this question should have been raised by the PMs of EU.

I was too young to know Thatcher but one thing she said has been proven right over and over again:

“The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money. ”

Allowing/forcing countries without the means to a welfare state to implement gracious welfare benefits; exposing the productive industries to extreme legislation and standards, opening the borders to imports that were produced without these restrictions, subsidizing the unproductive.... and so on...

What did you think, Mr. PM; that the working Finnish people were sh%tting gold bricks, the working Germans p%ssing oil?

It was going to come crashing down and ya'll knew it;

But, following God Marx and his prophets S&M was too sweet of a feeling.

Feels like we are in the Titanic and the higher ranks of the crew and the elite passengers are have been snorting coke all the way.

"Yo yo look at the colors of the iceberg... beautiful, let's get closer"

In a related note, driving when under the influence:

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