Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The bearable lightness of being a victim

"I am active in the church" she says
"You? Come on... "
"Yes. I am"
"You never struck me as a church goer."

"Yea, anyway I am one of the radicals. The people are making it difficult for me" she says with the attitude of a martyr.
"What's radical? Supporting marriage?" I ask,
"You know, gay rights in the church, women priests and so"
"That is mainstream, if you ask me" I say, but my words do not pass her victim filter.

Same with the leftists. Whole Europe has been a left breeding ground, a left ruled continent since WW2, even before that, Mussolini left, Hitler left, Greeks have always been left, etc,

And the leftists are still running around shouting slogans against the establishment. In the EU, they are the establishment.

Same with feminists. Men are still the only ones conscripted, and they run around shouting for equality, when the scale has been tipped over to the women's sine for the last what, 2000 years? 10.000?

But my friend.

So proud to protect the arsebandits' and the carpetmunchers' rights in the church; when the church has already accepted them,

Campaigning for female priests, when the church already has female priests. Btw why are they not called priestesses?

Holding up the right for abortion, when it has been legal for decades, and 16% of the to be born stay unborn...

Once you are a self appointed victim, and enjoy the privilege, it apparently is hard to throw away the mask.

Let me tell you what is radical today:

Being pro-life,
Being pro-men
Being pro-heterosexuality
Being pro-family
Being pro-freespeech

One point why The Finns (Basic Finns' new name) were called extremists was that they were pro-family in that they said a woman first mission is her family (or something. correct me if I am wrong on this detail); when history has proven that intact families are the first condition of civilizations, and every single study shows that the worst place for a child to grow up is the single mother home when looking at child abuse, child death, disfunctions etc.

Being pro-gay?
Being pro-priestesses in the church?
Being pro-abortion?

Is not radical;
It is sprouting the party line,
It is conforming to the popular trend,
It is being one of the accepted crowd,
It is bowing the the PC God Devil,
It is just being one of the establishment.


As much as Stalin was a victim.



  1. Liberalism is completely incompatible with Christianity: http://catholicknight.blogspot.com/2011/08/new-statistics-show-us-episcopal-church.html

    A commenter had this to say:

    "In marketing we call this "brand confusion." In the 1980's Coke changed its formula to taste more like Pepsi and the New Coke was a huge failure b/c those that liked Pepsi continued to like Pepsi and those that liked the original Coke became alienated.

    It's the same with Churches. Those that don't like religion will continue not liking it and those that do will become alienated when religion morphs into secular humanism. Once again the 60's idealism demonstrates it was misguided and narcissistic."

    This narcissistic, anti-Christian bitch has proven that she does not like religion and Christianity. She has proven this with her intention into changing it into what it is not. These subversive anti-Christian types refuse to leave the Church and unfortunately for Catholics atleast, the Vatican doesn't excommunicate like it used to.

    The mainline Protestant Churches of America have it far worse; the RCC and the OCs have still stayed true. I assume that the Prot Churches in Europe are in far worse shape than that in America?

    It's because of radical "Christian" leftists like your friend why we have movements like the European New Right.

  2. Welcome Svar,

    It is interesting how the liberal/leftist cancer leaves nothing untouched.

    It will eat itself, and if the European New Right does not rise fast enough, it will devour the whole west together with itself.

  3. I am interested by your comment on Hitler, Mussolini, and the Greeks being left. You sound like an old-school reactionary conservative(a good thing in my books). Reggie Perrin of Counter-Enlightenment has mentioned that even though Monarchists/Reactionary Conservatives and Fascists were both opposed to the Enlightenment and Marxism, the former were for conservative reasons and the latter were for revolutionary reasons.

    I personally am ambivalent towards the European New Right, being an American Paleocon and Christian, but I would support the ENR over leftists anyday.

    Btw, I want to tell you that I have been a long-time reader(well about 2 years) and I am impressed by your site: game + life + alt-right. All good topics. I am curious why your site, even though it is relatively well-known throughout the Manosphere has many lurkers but no commenters. Probably because it seems like you are reading a man's private journal, but that is a part of the charm.

  4. From what I have read and reasoned, Hitler was on the left; Mussolini was on the left; The Nazi party statement reads like a playbook of the left. Dunno about the Greeks before I was born, but enough time has passed since they have enjoyed all the perks of socialistic governance.

    No matter what the others are trying to picture these as. I mean Stalin was not the most honest guy; and he was the main voice painting Hitler as the right. After he got out of bed with him, that is.

    On what I am, that definition I have not found yet, but I know what I am not.

    It is similar to food, another interest area of mine. Am I primal? A I paleo? Am I opportunistic-newage-paleo? Dunno.

    All I need to know is what not to eat. No processed food (there goes 90% of the market shelves), no frankenfats, no grains, no sugar.

    Puts me into the right place without needing to define what I eat.

    One day that definition will also come.

    Thank you for your words, it means a lot to me having one reader for two years. Hope you continue to enjoy it, and your comments are very welcome.