Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Smelly Media: Under the assumption that the world is peaceful, and will stay peaceful

Both assumptions are wrong.

And this thinking that the world has progressed could also cause the end of the progressed world; that is if the progression itself does not destroy the progressed world before the un-progressed decide to sing battle hymns instead of kumbayya.

Soldiers in the line of fire
Defence Minister Stefan Wallin thinks it's likely that the armed forces will have to fire professional soldiers due to planned savings, reports the Social Democrat newspaper Uutispäivä Demari

The government plans to cut the defence budget by 200 million euros by 2015.

During earlier efforts to cut costs, reductions affected civilian support staff and office workers but not soldiers.
You know, because the army has no function, and the army is just another institute that can be played with according to the current political and social trends. The Swedes cut the balls off their lion, the Finns are thinking of firing some professional soldiers.


First you train them to kill for country, die for the flag, and then you fire them.

Fire a few more and then Sweden and Finnish armies combined will not be able to stop even a joint assault of the Russian Mafia Forces, let alone the official military.

This news comes together with other economic cuts, for example cutting the education given to expectant mothers in the hospitals and moving that education to the net. The rail service is cutting on technical staff, other companies are firing people, municipalities are cutting costs in various places.

But, works are underway for more support to mothers, for more support to immigrants (to which I belong, but not the group that leeches off the support), for more support to the unproductive, more support for single mothers.

Yea you know, go cut the army so that you can provide free childcare to stay at home single mothers on welfare, (not made up)

So that you can provide three times a year two weeks holidays in south Spain for a single welfare mother of three, from three different fathers, (not made up)

So that the disco-money receiving immigrants (a future story) can walk around in more expensive clothing than working Finns and foreigners, hanging around all day, all night, WTF?

So that a nonworking immigrant family can live in the city center where most Finns and foreigners cannot afford to live, and additionally so you can pay them an amount that is close to the average wage, on top of free rent and free social services,

Go on hoping that these good deeds will be rewarded.

Plans to cut conscription by two weeks

Professional soldiers will also be fired due to planned savings.

Shaving two weeks off military conscription will rake in five million euros in annual savings, according to Chief of the Finnish Defence Forces, General Ari Puheloinen. The new conscription period would be enacted in 2013

Plans are also underway to reduce the number of troops set for wartime mobilisation. Reservists would be rotated out of forces earmarked for frontline service at a younger age than at present. That said, reservists can expect fewer invitations to military refresher training.

The draft budget calls for the Defence Forces slashing some 90 million euros next year.
I did not read the budget, but I assume Social Services and Welfare and Helping The Professionally Unfortunate, and DiscoMoney for Imported Studs do not get that drastic of a cut, if they get any.

Yea yea, just go fire some dedicated soldiers that would die for you, so that the stay at home single mother on welfare can go to her gym six times a week on government benefits, so that the cultural enrichers can parade around with their puffy chests showing off their latest bling and the jeans with the big flashy golden text saying "Thug Life".

What a future planning, what a social state.

All the while working, producing Finns including the army personnel are suffering job losses and even if they are not, are living with the stress on how to feed the kids, and give them a home.


It is actually an unfitting analogy due to differing functions, but for this example I will relate the  Army to the society like I relate a brake to a car.

See, we have a car. To make it more comfortable, we added air conditioning, heated rearview glass, heated seats, then imported a loud new stereo, added some neon lights to make it colorful to please the ladies travelling in the car.

We had a limited budget, so we had to sell the brakes to buy shiney well-fared rims, we sold the driving wheel to add a fancy multiscreened dvd player to the dashboard.

Now we are cruising with 180 on the straight road, so there is no problem. As long as the road is straight.

Well, when that 800 kilo elk decides that the road is his, and few more join his decision, those shiney rims, that enriching stereo boombox, the multiscreened dvd player on the dashboard won't be of much use now, will they? No break, no driving wheel. Sit back and blame the Elk, and the productive people who hopefully had abandoned the car in the last service station where you swapped your brakes for the well-fared rims, and your driving wheel for the sexy multi-colored dvd player. Even if they are driving non-fancy bicycles right now, in approximately two seconds, they will still be alive and well, you will be pulp; under the 800 kilo Elk.


(Had some entry in mind for this, but it just does not come, so the text is starting from the middle, but you will get the point)

The US is the biggest military spender, that is true, but look at China's spending increasing by 10% every year, Russia increasing by 30% every year; and no one can claim these countries are reliable information sharers.

So while our friends in the humanist camp are crying for the shrinking of the army, their leftist daddies to the east are building up, doubling their expenditure every ~7 and ~3 years. considering that both countries are not exactly known for their high salaries and other personnel welfare benefits, one has to take into account that a soldier over there is cheaper than dirt, i.e. it is cheaper to keep an army. 

Case in point: China Liberation Army has 2.3 mil soldiers, India 1.3 mil, Russia 1 mil.

For that the US army has 1.5 mil soldiers and a budget seven times more than that of China. Not considering the high tech weaponry, the military aids, unmanned stuff, etc. This may change as the US is thinking about cutting the army budget while China has no intention to do so.

I am not a US fanboy or something, but I want to ask the western treehuggers: Do you think the in-queue superpowers will stop and hesitate for a second once the US' military umbrella is gone? 

Do you think these superpowers will show you the mercy that they have not shown their own people during the last hundred years? At least you could have hoped to cause them some pain and go down the history with your dignity; as if they mobilize, much of the rest of the world may well be history. One hopes they will not mobilize. 

Why should they mobilize you ask. Why should they not? The only thing that has stopped China and Russia has been the US military might up to this point. Look at the size of Russia. That size did not come by drinking vodka with indigenous peoples of those areas. China? What is China going to do with its excess of 50 million men who have no hope to ever have a family? Will the neighboring countries happily send over 50 million women to China?

But no, since we have peace now; as said, mainly due to the Great Satan's protective umbrella; lets cut the defense forces in pieces. Who needs soldiers anyway. We need more social workers; more daycare laborers.

Yea, yea... You go on with giving single moms more perks.

Anyway, even if the superpowers decide to be lovely teddy bears, by incentivizing non-productiveness and punishing productivity , you will run out of men working extra to pay for these perks, you will run out of men who are willing do the shitty jobs that the infrastructure requires.

Great foresight!

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