Friday, September 23, 2011

Smelly Media: Calling a spade a spade

It walks like a duck, it flies like a duck, it swims like a duck.

What is it?

A flying, swimming, walking birdlike creation.

Police confirm terrorism links to Finland

Hmmm.. so there was indeed some point in having background checks on immigrants.

I, mean, like the Spanish exchange student with a Spanish name, or the Swedish gay Dj...

He also notes that terrorist training is not a crime in Finland as it is in many other European states.

From other reports, I have the impression that he is not happy about this. 

And he must have missed the report that there is no terrorism on earth, it is now called violent extremism. Tz tz tz...

Having said that,

Interesting, ain't it?

Getting terrorist training from terrorists is not a crime.

Calling a terrorist a terrorist from X place, or X ideology is a crime punishable by jail.(except if it is a right wing/christian one(even if terrorist himself says he is not christian))

Bing bang bong... Something gone wrong.

Pelttari is adamant that his organisation needs more money to fight terrorism.

With all due respect. We need to listen to our multiculti cultists and diversity worshipers. Not Mr. Pelttari, whose opinions on this issue is tainted by the evil notion that he is there to protect the citizens of his country.

Here I declare, all the funds to the SUPO should go into increasing welfare.

As we all know, a well-fed, well-sexed well-tolerated extremist with disco-money and child-money cannot be a violent extremist.

More correctly, as the multiculti cultists and diversity worshipers want us to believe.

On related news, the journalists are missing the whole point:

Police reticent on terrorist suspects' nationality

Police remain reticent over the nationality of two persons currently held on suspicion of involvement in terrorist activities. The only new official data is that the suspects are a man and a woman living in Finland.

Followed by:

Quoting police sources, Saturday’s edition of the tabloid Ilta-Sanomat claimed the two persons suspected of terrorist related crimes are of Somali background. The paper also said the suspects were not planning an attack in Finland.
These journalists are clueless.

Birds told me that the suspected are Icelanders.

Like all around europe, Icelandic enclaves are no go zones, and they are trying to raise the trolls from the rocks using rotten shark balls as stinkbait. These trolls will then set free on the european clueless dingbats to reign terror and use this accumulated energy to bring back Thor from the dead.

“We cannot imagine ourselves to be completely isolated from terrorism even though Finland is currently not a target for such attacks, “he said.

How does Europe opening its borders to anyone desperate enough to get in work out in this context? Without background checks, let alone intention checks.

Tuomioja believed doubts the suspects may be of a non-Finnish background can increase suspicious towards immigrants in some quarters.

Believe me, no one is suspicious of those evil retarded troll dung sniffing norwegian immigrants. Or those anime loving tea smelling japanese immigrants...

As a side note, my jaw still hurts.

Maybe the immigrants who are creating suspicion (ooops.. did I just say that?) should , just maybe, take a look at the rotten apples in their communities.

And we could of course not have the report be finished without this:

“But as we saw in Norway, mindless violence and terrorism can also be homemade,” he commented.


Like 5-10 compared to what? 17.000 plus. In the last ten years.

My respects to SUPO and my appreciation for their efforts done for people who know the value of these efforts, and an elite who does everything to undermine the success of the security forces.

Man, I meant elite ducks. The whole point of the article.

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