Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Smelly Media: Another glimpse into the cancer of west

P.s.: The cancer is liberalism/leftism and all its cancerous invasive outgrowths

P.s.2.:If this offends you, freck off.

And the  propaganda attempt in this piece is a good example. 

Thousands of illegal immigrants in Finland

Ali, an illegal immigrant, says he fears he will be killed in his home country, Afghanistan.
If his application got rejected the blame does not lie in the officials of this country looking out for their own citizens (in theory), but in all the thousands of fake applications and the lies told by other apåplicants.

There is a reason why DNA tests are being asked nowadays for family reunions. And it is not the honesty of these reuniting members.
Illegal aliens are a diverse group, including asylum seekers whose applications have been rejected, those running from so-called 'honour' crime and victims of human trafficking. Some are simply foreigners with expired visas. 
One thing these people share is the fear of being caught. Foreign citizens who are in Finland illegally typically stay with friends and acquaintances. 
 How about deporting those who aid illegals?

Since when it is acceptable to house someone breaking the first law of a country: To accept its laws by being lawfully inside the borders?

No benefits outside society
 Blue is blue, green is green, and the rain is wet, the snow is cold, and an illegal is an illegal.

Finland’s centralised social security system makes it difficult for people to manage without a Finnish social security number, which is, for example, demanded at banks and hospitals. 
Once again? The point is exactly what? Why do I have a social security number, why do I have to give it in every place where I sign a contract? Why do I actually abide by the law, if the same opportunities shall be given to ones who are not abiding the law?

Modelled on a similar operation in Sweden, the Global Clinic was established in Helsinki earlier this year to provide illegal migrants with access to basic healthcare—at a secret location. 
 While you are at it, make a song about how Finn-girl Anna sleeping with "insert diverse name" will help with integration of the immigrants and that she should welcome "insert diverse name" between her legs, like Swedish TV has done. 
Note: Do not be so stupid to suggest the "insert diverse female name" welcoming Finn-boy Jukka between her legs, you will cause riots.

“It’s inconceivable that there are people on Finland’s streets that don’t qualify for any medical care,” says Ville Holmberg, a physician at the Global Clinic.
It is inconceivable that you cannot deport people who raped, assaulted, and maybe killed; here, or there.

Interior Minister Päivi Räsänen has meanwhile spoken out against anonymous clinics for illegals, noting that illegal migration is a continent-wide problem that should be mutually solved.
Unusually reasonable words. Are they nowadays distributing mind altering chemicals in the parliament?
Behold ye blasphemist! The wrath of the God of MultiCult be upon ye in due time!

Undocumented workers often work off the books, increasing the risk of exploitation.
Undocumented workers are undocumented because they are illegally here. They are breaking the laws, they are something illegal. So we should help them.

Since I am legally here, if I do something illegal, i should be punished. Besides, since I am legally here and I have clearly shown that I am willing to abide the laws, I must be a threat that must be dealt with. Even if I am no threat, I am a priviledged person deserving no sympathy.

What is so hard to understand about: Illegally in the country = Illegally in the country?

“I worked seven days a week. It was difficult to get paid because I was in the country illegally,” says John, who worked as a cleaner at a restaurant in Helsinki.

I feel for this man. He has an uncomparably harder life than I have. I wish him peace and prosperity.

But how can one expect to be treated according to legal standards when he is an illegal?

And following from the article, who wants to bet against that the exploiter is someone from his country/culture/general geographic location?

Like I said I wish this man peace and prosperity, but I do not see why illegals in Europe should be treated with the silk glove while the legally working population is squeezed out like a sponge and some of the legally here are already burning cities down with no repercussion?

I understand the plight of these unfortunate people, I feel sorry for them, but I also see the right of Finns wanting to protect their own progeny. Something that the progressives see as a sin.And this is why I see these progressives/leftists/liberals as the cancer of the west.  

When will the governments start looking out for their own (productive) citizens and the law abiding people living in their borders?

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