Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Night of the Bearhug 2 - No plumber for the slums

Just after i talked to the 1.85 blondie who tapped my shoulder in a friendly way, saying "Have a good night", smiling, this blondie appears on my right.

I look at her, she looks at me, we start talking.

The chat continues, at some point it gets close.

Some dude looking like a skinny albino with his died golden hair comes in, apparently he knows the girl, gives her a drink.

In the next five minutes or so, Dyed-Albino hover around us, coming and going.

"Hey, he your boyfriend or something?"

There is definite interest in her side, and once again we get close, I evade her lips and move my ear to her mouth to hear what she was saying while brushing all the way.

May sound gay, but I did not feel it at the moment.

Few minutes later I see the spark in her eyes, and I know it is over. She has seen my self restraint, and she knows she will be with one who does not lose control in front of her lush red lips.

She is in the "he just wants em as meat" mode, so she leaves to the loo.

I am not going to wait for an unsure girl, so I go to my guys, and enjoy the dancefloor.

Making a round, I return to our previous place, and see the blondie sitting with the Dyed-Albino. Say hi to both, to judge the situation.  Dyed-Albino is definitely not going to stop sticking like slime to this girl, the girl is giving me the horny eyes but she is not going to let go of the sure shot until she knows that I will make an overt move on her.

I will not,

I have not swooped as low as to put myself in between three guys to get a gril who would shag some skinny a$$ sticky dude if I would not shag her.

There is a dive and there is a dive.

Then there is a dive to a girl who is willing to dive herself.

That, you do not do in any situation.

I see them a few more times, Dyed-Albino sticking to the girls hand like glue, and the girl looking at me with horny eyes.

I have gone into a hotel room where five guys where to take away a girl, in my stupid youth; but at least she showed some dignity before getting totally bombed on tequila and ending up in a hotel room and calling me to take her away. From the guys' faces I knew nothing had yet happened. That was 8 years ago.  

A girl may be shy, a girl may be reserved, but all this is valid if she is not holding some sticky dude's hand.

While he was clinging to his hand;

Some chit chat,
"Where do you live" she says looking flirtily,
"XXX" I say, knowing, once again what was coming
"Oh, that is so near" flirty head tilt, etc....

All that was required was that I would hold her hand and lead her out.

Once I lost a third in the threesome to a man who was crying because she was leaving with me and the other girl. Similar to here, but this time I was giving a girl to a sticky like flypaper guy.

So, I ended up without her, he ended up with her.

For him it is a victory. Taking a woman from me. Man, he will be talking about that for years.

For me? Keeping my dignity is the victory. Had I taken that girl home by going in the three guy one girl group and extending my hand to her and simply saying "We are going"; it would be no victory. There is no dignity in being with women who are so openly willing to dive if the better option is not available. Taking the second best option is one thing, diving is another.

I got no plumbing to do for a woman who goes slumming.

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