Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fashion has to progress

For me, the proof that many times women do not sleep with men, but with the image that is sexy by fashion at the moment, lies in the hipsters.

The first wave of hipster could not get laid when they were not hipsters yet, and could not get laid when the fashion was starting. Then the fashion took off, and some of these dudes started getting laid. As the fashion progressed, more of the hipster mind aligned,  -i.e.: useless for nothing except being "rebellious" by looking like androginous start trek mutations, and rebelling for the sake of conformity,- joined the trend, and now the whole group was getting laid like crazy.

Tight jeans that prove that there are no balls to squeeze,

Moustaches that are feminine,

Showing of a dekoltee where there is no hair, nor muscle,

Images from Look At This F¤%king Hipster, one of my favorite sites until it stopped updating.

Still, the trend helped the first and second wave of hipsters.

Of course, when something is working, men adapt.

What happened next, the studs who were making fun of these shitsters saw that they are losing ground to the infertility jeans and the femistaches, so they joined in.

These third wave hipsters cut off the sex line to the first and second.

What's the fashion to do now?

Now it is got to distance itself from the now mainstream hipster clothing,

And it did.

What I saw on the street on a regular eve, with a regular straight hipster; I know the face; having a regular eve,

Beige furry coat,

And beige desert boots...

The guy is skinny, the hair is hipster trendy,

Covering those skinny thin ostrich legs was a leopard legging.

It was a sight to behold.

This is almost stud-wave-proof.

Oh God; oh no... Please don't let H&M import this...

Actually, if it does, my hairy barrel chest and a blazer will work even better.

(Proof that the man can override the fashion)

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