Thursday, September 08, 2011

Smelly Media: Finns are hateful medieval bigots


Are they? Really?

Researcher: Finns now more critical of Islam

Finns hold largely negative views on Islam, according to a study on attitudes
to various religions.


Freedom haters!



Backwards minded bloody swamp dwellers (Finland's native name Suomi means swamp)

Intolerant reindeer lovers!



Christianity enjoys the best standing among Finns, but
the majority would be ready to welcome representatives of other religions
into their families.
Hey! Hold on a second...

Could it actually be that they are not  backward minded retarded freedom hating belief suppressing xenophobic reindeer shagging swamp dwellers?

Based on their survey responses, Finns were best disposed towards
Christianity, had mostly positive impressions of Buddhism and Hinduism, and
felt most critical towards Islam.
Assuming the same favorable impressions exist for Jews also,

So out of 5 most populous religions on earth, they are accepting to 4 of them?

Finns are damn open minded, I say,

Are more open minded than most of the societies belonging to unfavored one are to people from other beliefs.

Are more tolerant than most of the societies belonging to the unfavored one are to people from other beliefs.

Are more welcoming than most of the societies belonging to the unfavored one are to people from other beliefs.

And, definitely

Are more supporting than most of the societies belonging to the unfavored one are to people from other beliefs.

Only six percent of the survey respondents thought of Islam in positive terms,
with the vast majority clearly holding negative impressions—which, says
researcher Kimmo Ketola from the Church Research Institute, is mostly down
to the media.
Come on!

The media?

The media does not write one single negative thing without having to mention the thousands of benefits to the Finnish society.

The media?

If he is talking about the free media existing in the interwebs, then I agree. Where people talk freely, where people talk about their experiences without fear of prosecution, then I agree.

But the mainstream?


“There are very few Muslim immigrants in Finland compared to many other
European countries. The media can convey an exceedingly harsh and negative
picture of Islam,” Ketola says.

The media is sh¤t scared of getting sued, and anyway they worship the Gods of MultiCulti, so they would never utter anything negative. When they do, you know they give the news because too many people already know about it for them to be able to suppress the spread.

The researcher notes that Finns’ feelings about foreign religions have changed
for the better over the past couple of decades, but attitudes towards Islam
have hardened in the 2000s.
Wonder why.... Shhhh....

Damn you Finns. All the world is embracing with open arms, and you have closed your arms and are being bigots. What the deercrap is wrong with you?  Everywhere that is enriched is flourishing like Paradise of the books; you bigots, freeze in your Godforsaken northern swamps.

Racist swamp monkeys!

“When Finns were asked whether they’d be ready to accept people of other
religions into their family or as representatives of their parties, in this
regard Finns were among the least prejudiced of nations,” Ketola says.
No. No. No.  This cannot be true. We all know that Finns are critical of peace.

Finns must be racist. They must hate peace. They cannot be open minded. Impossible. Their brains are filled with swamp mud, their hearts with the northern cold.

End of rant.

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