Friday, September 09, 2011

Dear reader, what do you think about the swamp-dwelling pig-blooded reindeer-porking blasphemous cross-hugging Finns' attitude?

Yesterday evening, I wrote a post Smelly Media: Finns are hateful medieval bigots.

As I was lying in bed, trying to relax, this one quote from the article the post was about, kept turning in my head:

Only six percent of the survey respondents thought of Islam in positive terms, with the vast majority clearly holding negative impressions—which, says researcher Kimmo Ketola from the Church Research Institute, is mostly down to the media.

“There are very few Muslim immigrants in Finland compared to many other European countries. The media can convey an exceedingly harsh and negative picture of Islam,” Ketola says. 
Since there are 40.000-50.000 Muslims in Finland, depending on different statistics, he is right in saying that there are very few Muslim immigrants.The number is just below 1% of the population.

---Intermission: While I was looking for the statistics, I came across a site that complains that Finland's flag still has a cross in it. Seriously, F.U. ---End of intermission.

I believe he does not count the Tatars as Muslim Immigrants since they have been here since the 1800s.

And the problem is media.

Media? Really.

6% of Finns are said to be favorable towards Islam.

My sincere question is this: Would that percentage of the ones holding positive thoughts increase or decrease if the Muslim Immigrants' ratio would rise to 2%... or to 5%?

What do you think?


I need to add, my problems are with the non-stop attempt of trying to drill it in my head that cultural enrichment of the western societies is a beautiful thing. Why is it beautiful? Well, because it is beautiful. At the same time, I get to witness the change during the ten years I have been here, and it is not pleasant.

A longer post on this later, as it pisses me off too much to see the cold, frozen but peaceful and beautiful Nothern Swamplands to turn into the non-welcoming intolerant lands of Mordor, mainly because the Elves have been too nice to, the Orks and Uruk-hais . And now the ordinary Elves are silenced by the Elitist High-Elves and their comrades the Left Shooting Self Congratulating Useful-Elves.

Needless to say, besides the few incidents where some drunk on Hopnectar Elf causing problems from me, everytime I walk the streets I encounter the hostile eyes of the Orcs walking in battle formation, looking for an excuse to let loose their battle cries. The Uruk-hais gathered on crossroads looking for Elves to eat.

And without the constant drilling noise and the other subjugating ways of the High and Useful Elves, the Ordinary Elves would have a chance in deciding what will become of the Northern Swamplands.

Tolkien, as far as I know, did not blame the Orcs and Uruk-hais. Who am I to against his words, even if I never understood the hype about some short hairy big legged dudes on the quest for a ring.


  1. I voted "Stay the Same" because the people who like Muslims and "diversity" are ideologues and will never see the stupidity of their beliefs even as their throats get slit and their wives and girlfriends become the concubines of the adherents of the "Religion of Peace".

    I may be an American but even I realize that EU = the Death of Europe.

  2. Last time I talked to a MultiCultist, I was told how beautiful diversity is, that I should look at South Africa. Diversity's beauty was proven to me by pointing out that the ANC guy was using "Kill the Boer" as his election song.

    Did the Swedes not try to excuse the rape of Swedish girls?

  3. "I was told how beautiful diversity is, that I should look at South Africa."

    Lol, wut?

    "Diversity's beauty was proven to me by pointing out that the ANC guy was using "Kill the Boer" as his election song."

    Yes. "Kill the Boer" is not a racist song but "De la Rey", a wonderful song talking about the Boer struggle against the British Empire IS racist:

    "Did the Swedes not try to excuse the rape of Swedish girls?"

    I did not know about this. What was their rationalizations?

  4. As the western MultiCulti mind is a mystery to me I do not know about the rationalizations, but I know that if the rapist is a non-swede of not european origins, it is a "man"... if, he holds a swedish passport, "A swede", if he is a Swede, then "Jens Swedeson" is the description of the rapist.

    Sometimes they slip and provide the name of the perpetrator, and still call him "Swede", while the name is lightyears away from Jens, Jorg, Erik..

    Sometimes, the photo of the perpetrator is given, but the histogram does not fit the MultiCulti Commandments of Kult Acceptance, and the already pixelated images are bleached, to clearly show that is was an ethnic swede. Which it was not.

    While Stockholm is often times mentioned as the Enriched Sexual Interaction Capital of the west, the Swedish media can come up with the government sponsored propaganda song:


  5. Wow... I saw that video. Two wiggers and a bunch of ugly fat chicks. That is disgusting. The race-mixing deal was just fucking annoying.

    Personally, I am not against miscegenation, but I am against the promotion of miscegenation. What about you?

  6. I am not against miscegenation as it is.

    Anyway, from what I gather, the problem causing demographics include little race-mixed people.

    And diversity kind of excludes mixed people anyway. If you are the child of a majority (not approved by PC) and a diversity parent, in some cases you can be applauded for being a prime example of diversity's beauty, but in some cases you will be shunted as being a sell-out to PC-approved dogma, especially if you acknowledge your origins at the majority.

    But that video is not really about miscegenation, as in the words of the cultural enrichers that these Swedish women shall open their legs for integration: "Swedish women are wh¤res. Good for fun. But I will marry a girl from my country"...

  7. And got to say, the mixed girls can be a real treat for the eyes.