Saturday, September 10, 2011

Smelly Media: Enough of this Equality Crap

Do we have to wait for the destruction of established beneficial institutions and the bankruptcy of productive companies until we see that "equality" does not mean "prosperity"?

Long haired men don't cut it in Finnish army

Finland's Equality Ombudsman is challenging the Finnish Defence Forces to consider whether long-haired men can serve in the military. In a recently-issued statement, Equality Ombudsman Pirkko Mäkinen declared that there's room in the Finnish workplace for men who wear their hair long, but tidy. However, the Defence Forces don't see the need to change their established practice.

Close this office. Together with any other ombudsman offices.

A big factor in an army's effectiveness is the traditions it adheres to.

The Swedish Army turned into a laughing stock when they cut the balls of their army banner Lion,

The Finnish army that withstood the Russians in the Winter War will turn into a laughing stock, "If you can't find women to pork, take the Finnish soldier. Long haired, fair skinned, like the most beautiful ladies" will be the Russian motto for the next war. 

A US-based distribution company recently decreed that female customer service staff could wear long hair, but that their male counterparts couldn't. Equality Ombudsman Mäkinen in turn pronounced that it's discriminatory to restrict men's hair length solely on the basis of their gender.

I am of the belief that if you are paying someone to do a job, and dresscode is part of that job, you have the right to dictate the dresscode in the workplace. Having said that, I appreciate the effort for taking men's side once in a while. More on this coming below.

"I've had negative feedback, with some people asking if government officials don't have anything better to do. But I've also had positive comments, that it's good to intervene in matters affecting men," Mäkinen said.

What about inquiring about mandatory service for women?

Is that not a bigger unfairness?

But men's hair... Yea, that is important. It is important because it is another tradition that can be sh¤tted on and then flushed down the drain.

This is not intervening in matters affecting men, it is intervening in a way that will weaken one of the few surviving bastions of men. (Even if an increasing number of women enter the army. )

Here is some equality to you:

Mandatory service for women.

Women only battalions. If long haired men and gays want to join that, that is their choice.

Send these Women Only Battalions and their Long Haired an Gay puppies to serve as peace forces in places where the west is apparently fighting for women rights.

Although the Ombudsman's statement affects only the workplace in question, the military's general headquarters has taken note. "Of course many have observed this ruling and wondered what it means for us," said Army Communications Chief Eero Karhuvaara.

The army is possibly thinking where the hell this idiocy came from. It is so idiotic that the army has no recourse for it,

What is next?

Equality Ombudsman will sue the fleas because they prefer the long haired soldiers?

The Defence Forces issue guidelines for the hairstyles of its male and female officers and conscripts: short, neatly and evenly cut styles for men; women may have long hair, as long as they can put it under a cap so that the nape of the neck is visible. Hair lengths were considered some years ago by the Parliamentary Ombudsman as well as the Equality Ombudsman, but were not deemed to be discriminatory.

What more do we need to get rid of this discriminatory and equality nonsense that is crippling the few productive parts of the society?

When women were invited to perform military service 16 years ago, they were allowed to wear long hair to preserve their identities. Equality Ombudsman Mäkinen chooses her words about the Defence Forces carefully. She cites General Adolf Ehrnrooth, who in 1995 said that national defence was not about hair length, but about will power and the desire to become a good soldier. "I'd encourage the Defence administration to actively follow that principle, look at society and think about the role of reflection," she added.

Maybe it is time that the unproductive of the society look at the productive and start doing some self reflection.

Note the wording: Women were invited.

Men are put to jail if they refuse this "invite".

Women shall preserve their identities.

Men shall die.

Effing progress! Effing equality!

But for the moment the garrison headquarters isn't considering any changes to its guidelines. "We don't see the need," explained Karhuvaara. The Army urges its soldiers to be tidy and to inspire trust. The group should be cohesive. "At the same time we don't want to just hold on to short hair no matter what," he added.

No, you should hold on to short hair no matter what, and send the Hippi Battalion, the Equalitist Battalion, and the Strong and Independent Women battalion to the conflict zones around the world, and pull back your suns (no typo)  who are serving there right now.

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  1. "The Swedish Army turned into a laughing stock when they cut the balls of their army banner Lion,"

    What? Did this really happen? Then again, Sweden is the country that promotes Gender Neutrality in preschool. That should be considered child abuse at the very least and a humanitarian crime at the very worst.

    Well, Sweden is just a joke of a country. It will be the Northern Branch of Eurabia.

  2. Here is a link to a story about the lion:

    The Old Vikings turned in their graves when the Evolved Vikings sacrificed their balls to the Goddessess of Equality