Thursday, September 08, 2011

Smelly Media: The Attack of the Evil Bunnies

Feral rabbits in the crosshairs again

The Helsinki Humane Society (HESY) is demanding that the city end its annual cull of feral rabbits. The hunt for the city bunnies resumed on Tuesday evening.
I demand that the Helsinki Botanic Society counter protests this as the rabbits have no intention of respecting fauna rights, and they are mistreating grass.

The city puts efforts into protecting its flora and structures from rabbits' sharp teeth. Two years ago, hunters killed 3,000 rabbits, while last year's catch was down to one thousand.
The animal protection agency says controlling rabbit populations is not only unethical, but also expensive.
Last year the Public Works Department spent a total of 300,000 euros on reducing the population that's 300 euros per animal, says HESY chair Hannele Luukkainen.
Efffff me.

That makes around 75 euros per kilo of rabbit meat. Damn... They should sell that in the gourmet restaurants of Helsinki. Enough yuppies there to be happy to pay 50 euros for a slice of "Slice of City Rabbit treated with Italian Parmesan and Greek Olive Oil"
In the meantime we should lubricate our a$$es for the porking we will get after the bailouts. Yes, Greece would do us all a favor, send us buckets of your oils. Take away the pain. Malaga.

The group says that the feral rabbit has become a permanent fixture of Finnish nature, and people should learn to live with it. The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has meanwhile categorised the feral rabbit as an invasive species posing a threat to the environment.
Just like the Human Rughts racketeers, also here, the benefits to an invasive, subjectively criminal group trumps the rights and safety of all the others.

But 300.000 for 1000 rabbits?


Here are two no-cost solutions:

First: Let the dog owners have the right to let their dogs roam free, say between 4 am and 6 am... The owners save on dog food, the dogs are happy as a birthday kid, the rabbit is dealt with as it is customary to its nature, and the city is safe from evil bunnies.

Second: Let the people who want to hunt rabbits with sticks and stones have the right to hunt between 4 am and 6 am... As the joke goes, specific restaurant owners in my country use cats as "beef" and seagulls as "chicken", donkeys as "cow sausage". As there are many of these restaurant people also over here, one can assume they will take advantage of this. At least people will get to eat real meat in their kebabs, instead of some small amount of meat-mix, potato and soya. City saves money, people eat real food, restaurant owners make a killing in rabbits, and money, and the city is safe from evil bunnies.


  1. Oh! How cruel! Maybe they should save the poor bunnies in Australia as well?

    Animal Rights shitwads. Have no understanding of Nature. Kind of like all liberals.

  2. Wonder how these Animal Rightists (some aspect for which I agree for example on animal cruelty, in some cases, also cafo's), would approach the foxes hunting the rabbits.

    Nature: Rabbit eats grass, fox eats rabbit, bug eats dead fox, bug craps, grass eats bug crap, continue cycle.

    Since the Fox is impeaching on the rabbit's rights, how are you going to tie down the fox?

    If you force it to go vegan, then are you not impeaching on the right of the rabbit to find adequate grass to eat?

    If you kill the fox?

    One human rightist's head exploded just now from overdrive.

    Ah, the liberals.

    Destroying societies in the name of "doing good"...

    "Doing good" is like a drug. You need more of it to feel good, after each dose.

    That is how you go from "State supporting the disabled and the ones in need" to "Welfare earns you more than many low level jobs"

  3. Exactly, liberals do things because it makes them feeeeel good about themselves, why conservatives do things just because they are the right thing to do. The former, like you said is based on a serotonin/dopamine emotional high, while the latter is based on a concrete sense of morality. Now which is best for society?