Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Smelly Media: Someone explain to me one good aspect of this supposedly beautiful news

Helsinki's foreign population set to double

The number of people with an immigrant background residing in the metropolitan Helsinki region is expected to more than double over the next 20 years.According to calculations made by Helsinki Urban Facts, one in five of all Helsinki region residents could be of immigrant background by the year 2030.
Similar to Oslo, similar to Stockholm, similar to Malmö... If I were living in Helsinki, I would start looking for places that will be taking in the future Finn flight, furthest away from the vibrant areas as possible.
Interesting is that while Finns cannot afford to live in Helsinki, somehow an immigrant population that has unemployment ranging from 8% to 40% can populate such an expensive city in such numbers.
For Helsinki officials, I suggest collaborating with Stockholm and Oslo, they should start organizing the Scandinavian Rape Olympics. Looks like they will be a strong contender... That is, if Sweden will still exist then, and the castrated army lion will not have been replaced with a camel. (Camel chosen as an arbitrary animal. Chose it because the color is similar to the lion, so no extensive graphic designing will be necessary. Could have chosen penguin, but that would change the banner way too much)
This would be around 224,000 persons, or around 19 percent of the area's total population.
Considering that Finland has now circa 250.000 immigrants, this is impressive.
Russians constitute the largest single ethnic group in the region, with those of Asian extraction in second place.
Whoa tiger!
I understand lumping Russians together, I mean it is one nation. But "Asian extraction"? Wow. Do you reader know how you could skew the statistics bu lumping the Chinese, Japanese and Thais together with countries 2000-3000 km to the west?
This is not blatant ignorance, this is hiding facts, this is skewing the facts.
The author knows the what awaits Helsinki, but his God of MultiCulti does not allow him to even admit this knowledge to himself. Or herself. No need to be sexist here.
In the view of Katja Vilkama, a researcher at the University of Helsinki, people of foreign descent will tend to reside in different areas from the majority Finnish population.
So, she says:
"People of foreign descent will tend to reside in different areas from the majority Finnish population"...
Allright. That fits well what has been seen in every other city that has an immigrant population of more than 10%. Oh yea, we are not talking about German immigrants, Icelandic or French immigrants. Of course a mentality that count the Japanese in the same bucket as from Abu Dhabi and the Korean in the same bucket as the Turks is not expected to acknowledge this one crucial fact.
But then she has to add, lest the God of MultiCulti will throw diverse dung to her head:
“Those areas with a high immigrant population are multicultural. Russians, Estonians and Somalis live in the same districts.
Peacefully coexisting I suppose.
On the basis of current trends, I believe more ethnic groups will live together but probably Helsinki will not see its own Chinatown,” she said.
I tell you what.

The first comment negates the second.

Does the researcher really believe what she says? Really?

"Probably" is too much risk when talking not about chinatown but XYZtown; the no go zones, that exist, once again in every major city with more than 10% diversity.

And what historical precedence is there that these three cultures will coexist peacefully? Especially when the Russians had a different history with Estonia, and the Somalis cannot even coexist in an amusement park?

Show me one city in which the same ethnic groups that are enriching Helsinki, have not flocked together with their own, and they are coexisting in some harmony with others. One. A single one. 

London? Burned; Stockholm? Raped; Paris? Burned; Oslo? Raped; Berlin? No go zones, Hamburg, Köln? No go zones.

Show me one where the Gods of MultiCulti have given a gift.

What makes Helsinki so special when Merkel, Sarkozy and even the british dude has accepted that multiculti failed.

You believe in the peace giving power of the snow or what?

Sacrificing Helsinki to the God of MultiCulti, to the Cult of Diversity is what it is.

And someone please tell me how this is a thing to be celebrated?


  1. "London? Burned; Stockholm? Raped; Paris? Burned; Oslo? Raped; Berlin? No go zones, Hamburg, Köln? No go zones. "

    Enoch Powell. Rivers of Blood.

    This is ridiculous. Mass immigration is a problem and these idiots are celebrating it.

    Btw, what are your feelings about the Russian immigrants? I have a Bavarian friend who absolutely despises them. He loves their women though, hah!

  2. For a long time had wondered what "Enoch was right" meant. Then I encountered references to his speech, but never listened to it. Now I will. It is downloaded.

    These idiots are celebrating it because they have a deep hatred for the western civilization (while celebrating the wife burning, cast forcing Indian mentality, or the eastern philosophies where somehow you end up with an unnatural surplus of 50 million men (gender based abortion, anyone?, or the cannibalizing earth connection of the ancestral people, etc); and a deep love for undeserved self congratulation.

    Russian immigrants?

    Mixed group. I have had no problems with them, and due to common friends, they have been welcoming. But then, cannot call them the innocent group of immigrants, crime statistics show otherwise.

    With their women, unlike many of my friends who go crazy over them, I find that they have a mercenary attitude, but one thing I know;

    You want a russian and you don't want to pay through your nose to wine and dine; then you got to up the a$$hole game without letting go of your $$.

    But beauties they are, that I happily acknowledge.