Thursday, September 22, 2011

Night of the bearhug 3 - The bearhug

Gymnast had my coatroom ticket and he was already way far ahead of me, so I decided I will wait outside for him to bring my jacket.

Of note: I already had a jacket on. Was waiting for the second one.

Start walking past the long and packed coatroom queue, when I gently tapped this early 40s short but stocky man in order to pass him,

"Sorry" I say, tapping his shoulder,
"F¤%king.... queue.... motherf¤%ker..." were the words that I could make up, which were immediately followed by a determined fist coming out of nowhere and landing just in the soft space under my jaw and ear.

I felt nothing, I thought nothing.

One. Goes my punch. Hits the jaw, he staggers.

Two. Goes my punch. Hits the cheek, he staggers a bit more

I think there was a third fist that contacted.

He has staggered quite a bit, I realize later, when I think why the hell did I then slap him with my palm, landing the side close to the wrist bullseye on his temple.

All this took less than five seconds.

That is when I realized the bouncer came in between us and the guy was moving back. He was being carried out, that I would see a few seconds later.

Bouncer in front of me, when I noticed him, I was just about to go for another lunge at the a$$hole,

"I did not start this" I tell the bouncer when I see him, due to most the fights being started by foreigners
"I know" he says, my body is still trying to get the guy, so bouncer continues "can you stop?" he asks,
"What?" I say, totally taken aback.
"Can you stop?"
"Sure"... so I stop, stand down.

The bouncer leaves.

A my age finnish dude comes in front of me; smiling.
"Peace bro"
"Yea, I am in peace"
"Peace bro"
"Dude. I am calm" and I was.

Then I notice Gymnast standing two meters away from the incident, smiling, my jacket in his hand.

I get my jacket and move out. Gymnast leading the way.

When I approach the door, I see another bouncer.

The guy is simply smiling. At me.

So I get close to him,
"No fighting, eh" he says, smiling.
"No.. I did not start it" I say, he extends his hand, I shake it;
"Yea, I know, but next time, don't try to end it; and gives me a manly hug...
"What?" I ask, because it makes no sense,
"Don't try to end it the next time" he says, tapping my shoulder.
"Well..." I say, shrugging my shoulders, "Thanks", and continue out.

I am thinking to myself, what the f¤%k, I start shaking from the adrenaline, my jaw starts pulsating, I try to make sense of the bearhug, but am content in the sense of the words, knowing that the a$$hole is in a worse condition than I was, when

"WTF was that?" says the Gymnast, who was observing the interaction, for the second time that night.

Disclaimer: It was a totally unprovoked punch, and the swelling went down today. So I have all the legal right to punch back. And also the moral right to be content with my punches having made contact.

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