Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Smelly Media: Grrrrl Power - 1 - You Go GRLLLL, even if you ain't done nothin'

Girls get coding in Helsinki

Yeaaa!!!! Go grrrrllsssss goooo!!!

Grrrrrl's got da powwwwaaaaaaa!!!!

Web application programming is often seen as an industry heavily dominated by men. However, women of all ages are coming together in Helsinki to hone their coding skills at the Rails Girls workshop on Monday and Tuesday.

Why is it seen as dominated by men? Because it is dominated by men.

What is the chance that a Rails Boys workshop would be protested by the strong and independent but oh so sensitive femishits?

Ok, lets set aside the clear discriminatory practice in this workshop,

“I think it’s easier to learn with girls,” says Tuuti Piippo who attended the first Rails Girls event last November. “I feel it’s easier to code with other girls, I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the context: many of us came up with ideas of girly apps, rather than apps designed for men.”


Innovation flows from the workgossipshop!!!

Many girly apps come out...

Like "KissenMyKitten", "CuddlePoodle", "How Many Cats"....

The Rails Girls event on September 19-20 is not strictly women-only, but men are only accepted if they are accompanying a lady. And women get preference if there is a choice to be made of who gets to attend. This is, after all, an initiative to get women to join coders’ ranks and produce unique web apps.

Somebody sue please.

“Women encounter different problems in their daily lives, so they’re in a good position for finding things that are invisible to men,” Rails Girls founder Karri Saarinen told YLE News.

Some more apps:

"PickMyPolish", "DildoPower", "DontForgetThePill", "I-Vibrate", "OneNagADay", "GossipTwit"....

Piippo outlined an idea for such an app: one that would supply the busy woman with daily recipes that would neatly break down into grocery lists.

Possibly done. By a man.

But hey, innovation!!!!

No experience required

Of course not.

“It makes women more comfortable to learn these new things when it’s a friendly environment, not a male-dominated one like many workshops and conferences,” explains Saarinen. “It’s like a starting point—the events are basically just for anyone, just beginners without much experience in programming, just experience using computers. We do the rest.”

Grrrrllllll learning powwwwrrrrrr!!!!

Because men just drink and sit and drink and fight, and some woman in the back room is writing all those apps and programs and systems in those male oriented workshops.

Btw, which idiot thought that it would be a good idea for a complete beginner to go to conferences? Hell, I know my way around medical stuff, cannot follow a conference about stem cell technology for more than ten minutes.

Perhaps, soon enough the gender divide in apps programming will fade. Either way, one thing is clear: women can certainly enrich the world of web apps, and they are now encouraging new generations of girls to follow suit.

After putting this disclaimer: I have excellent scientific female minds around me; let me continue:

Women can enrich the world of web apps.


Women were being midwifes for thousands of years, along comes a man, invents the forceps. Saves millions with a little device.

Women were washing dishes for thousands of years, ok ok, it was a woman who invented the dishwasher. Hmmm.. Sorry, it was a man.

Women were doing laundry for thousands of years, along comes a man, invents the washing machine.

For every woman's invention in the past million years, you got a million inventions of men, in the past century alone.

What are women going to add to the webapp sphere that requires a whole newspaper article?

An app that does the tracking of the menstrual cycle? Done.... By a man... Even tracks multiple girls... I used to have it on my old Nokia.

An app about cooking? In the hundreds. Shopping lists? In the hundreds. Combinations? Dunno. Did not check.


Here are some apps that they could invent, would sell in millions... to men:








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