Friday, September 02, 2011

Smelly Media: Facts, or hatefacts? Defend yourself, witch!

Halla-aho claims being victim of "witch-hunt"

True Finns Party MP Jussi Halla-aho says that he feels that a witch-hunt has started against him and free speech after the Norway tragedy. In an interview with AFP, he said that things are completely out of control.
Never let a good tragedy go to waste.

”We have people in political and civil circles who have attacked free speech for years and this has just given them a new stick," Halla-aho told AFP.
Today, we have "free speech", which pretty much means "PC approved speech",
Free speech as a dictionary would define it, today is labeled "hate speech"

Halla-aho specified that Breivik did not cite him directly, but copied a blogger called Fjordman. Nonetheless, he said his opinions had been interpreted accurately. Halla-aho emphasised that he could not control who quoted him and where.
A man who honorably stands behind his words and does not back down.

I lift my hat to you, Sir.

In 2009, Halla-aho was convicted of violating the right of peaceful worship after anti-Muslim comments online.
Free Speech 2000;
Coming to jails near you, soon.

According to a spokesman for the Minorities Ombudsman, Rainer Hiltunen, web forums with extremist leanings can create the impression that hate speech is acceptable on the internet. Such places gather like-minded people, Hiltunen told AFP, adding: ”It clouds their sense of reality.”
If speech based on facts is called hate speech,
Can we call these facts hate-facts?
What are we going to do about hate-facts?

Fabricate new facts that are not hate-facts?
If calling trees green will offend the green wearing sensitive German police, will green be a Hate-Color? Or will the trees be Hate-Nature?

If naming the Black Sea will offend the black loving sensitive anarchists, will the Black Sea be a Hate-Sea?

It is a joke talking about a sense of reality when we are bombarded by the media from every sides every second of every minute about what we should think, and not think.

Here "reality" means: "PC approved dogma"
You are free to think as long as it fits the PC views, and reality is unclouded as long as it is blinded by the PC dogma.

Halla-aho, however, does not feel that this gives grounds for cracking down on extremist forums.
"No doubt the World Trade Centre terrorists were inspired by the Koran and Islamist chat rooms, but no one is trying to ban the Koran or shut down Islamist websites," he said to AFP.

Oh oh...

The fatwa surely will come out soon.

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