Monday, September 05, 2011

Early red flags are a gift, receive this gift with open arms

The girl, RedFlagDress, seemed to be a genuine slow one.

From a totally different culture than mine, even if she called herself Finn..

I was interested, she was interested.

She was playing hard to get, I was playing that I had other things to do. When a girl is 24 and is sought after, a man of 34 cannot be too available.

And anyway, did have other stuff to do. 

After some botched attempts at meeting and moving forward; due to logistics and due to me being out of town quite often, at last, this weekend we meet. We meet accidentally; just as I was about to leave the bar.

The flirt continues from where had left it, and we move to a table on the silent part of the bar.

Her friend gets hit on by one of the smaller scale celebrities, Halfling.After some time, he joins our table, to the dismay of RedFlagDress. I go to take a leak and when I return, there is the guys friend, TheNuke, also a small scale celebrity talking with RedFlagDress.

I sit back to my place, and join the conversation.

Halfling is busy with the blondie, and is out of the conversation.

RedFlagDress is talking with TheNuke, who subtly asks for my permission, which I give, as I feel secure in my standing with RedFlagDress.

Some conversations followed, and RedFlagDress went to the other side of the table to talk with blondie, Halfling was getting drinks, and me and TheNuke entered a conversation the would turn into a nuke for my non existing relationship with the girl.

He told me that the blondie is gorgeous, I told him the blondie is not the one I am interested in, and that the other one is my girl, and since he likes the blondie, it is between him and Halfling, all done in a friendly way, me and TheNuke.

Then he asked me with awe, "How do you do it", by this time the girls were listening, so I told him that this is not a topic for this table. The chat continued.

Few minutes later, apparently some picture had formed in his head,

"I have to tell my friend"
"I have to warn him!"

Before I can react he jumps up and tells something to his friend.

From the girls faces, I realize this is not good.

I pull the guy,

"What did you tell him?"
"That they are professionals"
"They are not."
"You said they are"
"Dude, you out of your f#¤king mind?"
"But you said this"
"F#¤k no"

RedFlagDress is hysterical, looking at me, shaking her head,

I tell her,

"There is a misunderstanding here"

She pushes me away, I tell her "There is a misunderstanding somewhere"

She lifts her hand, Halfling, the white knight jumps in, pushes me, "Back off man"
I go, "This does not interest you. There is a misunderstanding and it needs to be solved" I say, not backing down, by this time, TheNuke understood, and pulls Halfling away.

I try to talk to RedFlagDress

"Look, the guy misunderstood something"
"You told him we are professionals"
"I did not. That is the misunderstanding"
"How can you say that?"
"I said, I did not say that"
"How can you even think that?"
"I said that I did not say that, what part don't you get?"

"I cant believe you said we are professionals"
"Are you going to listen or not"
"But I heard it"
"You did not. As I did not even imply a thing like that."
"You said we were professionals" By now my limits were reached.
"Are you f#¤king gonna listen to me or not?"
She goes into dramatic motions,  mimicking the gestures
"I cannot believe" and "I am disgusted" and starts saying
"I cannot even imagine selling myself....." I did not listen to the rest, turned around and went to the coatroom. Took my jacket. Left the place.

A woman who is not willing to listen to what I've got to say will only make my life worse.

I am not here to teach a woman how to behave;

And I have not the time to waste on a woman who is not willing to listen to what I have to say.

I left the bar, extremely pissed, full of adrenaline due to the close encounter with Halfling, yet content that I got to see a previously hidden red flag,

And hungry.

In this case, sunk costs were of no issue, as the incident prevented future costs with heavier tabs on them.

I have paid dearly for ignoring red flags in the past. Have learned my lessons.

So I am walking, pissed, hungry, and yet, content.


On the way home, three girls stop me.

One, fat for my standards.
Second, short and compact, but still invisible.
Third, the one who waved me down, cute face but still chubby.

"We are drunk but and are looking for a party " they say in Finnish,
I pretend not to understand, "What?" I reply in English.
"Aaaah... You Australian?" says the cute face
"Your name is Jason?"
"You must be mixing me with somebody"
"Ya should've drank a bit less that night, eh?" she takes a step back, with a shocked look, I knew, that was a bullseye guess
"Where you from"
"Ah, my friend speaks Origin1"

"If you want we can come with you to your place" she says out of the blue
"I will go to my place soon" I say, ignoring the invitation

"Where were you" she asks,
"PartyBeach" I say
"PartyBeach?" she asks, looking me up and down questioningly. I know what she is thinking, and she continues
"Is that not like... (an unsaid "too young") twenty years old people's place?"
"Yea" I say, knowing the coming reaction "Almost too old"

Now the girl steps back, this time shocked, and insulted. She starts walking, looks at me, "Have a good night by yourself then Origin1 guy", makes the jerk off motion, with a now happy look in her face.She did it. She showed me what a jerk off I am. Yeayyy... Go GRRRRRLLLLL Go!

Ladies, first look in the mirror, then look at what you said, and then do some self reflection; before you open your mouth the next time

What does it tell you that I'd rather jerk off, than have a foursome with three girls each ten years younger than me?

Now I was walking home,

Hungry and laughing;

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