Thursday, September 15, 2011

Smelly Media: Healthcare, free but not equal?

Health insurance not quite equal for all

Before I continue with the text, I got to say the Finnish free healthcare system cost me 3-4 months of salary and almost left me crippled, in babywraps and impotent. third day of my holiday, when the doctors there had to examine my suddenly deteriorating condition; due to travel that the Finnish healthcare said was safe, I was told by a (family friend) surgeon that I could have permanently had lost my left leg, my bladder control and sexual abilities at any time during the past 8 months that the Finnish healthcare was in the "Let's see if it gets better" mode. MRI that day, operated the next, out the next. Still cannot feel my toe.

When I came back, the finnish healthcare decided to grant me an x-ray... A useless diagnostic medium, 9 months too late. The doctor said "you have no big problem", at which point it would have been legal of me to use his scalpel, since I just told him about the operation and showed him the MRI images. Then he looks back at the images and goes "Ah yes".. Yes indeed. Even I could see the problem uneducated ignoramus that I am. And when I told him what I paid, due to the travel insurance not covering it because the problem started in the land of welfare theftfare he just said "Yea, those can be expensive, but we would still wait few weeks to see if it heals by itself"... "Does this condition heal by itself?".. "No, but we would still wait and see"...

Let's repeat that:

Problem demonstrated on MRI image. Clear and sound. Doctor looks at it. Hears I got the operation, and is suprised that I am so mobile after just two weeks. Hears I paid it myself, screwing my bank account,

Here is the mentality of the free healthcare for all:

"Yea, those can be expensive, but we would still wait few weeks to see if it heals by itself"

"Does this condition heal by itself?"

"No, but we would still wait and see"...

Wait till I am dead?

Try to diagnose a problem that is diagnosed under 2 seconds using an MRI by using x-ray technology that does not show the problem? Send me home again, this time sure that there is no problem? Only for me to wake up one day and be totally paralyzed on one leg and more?

Free healthcare means getting x-rayed for a problem that will never show up on the x-ray, because the MRI is too expensive when treating working people.It is expensive, because it is free.

Take a lesson from CCCP. In a socialist system, the honest are screwed. Play the system. You have no other choice.

Finland's health insurance system is not sufficiently uniform for all citizens, says the Finnish National Audit Office. The authority has found that the benefits of the system are distributed unevenly. 
Digging up statistics on the funding to Prostate Cancer vs the funding to Breast Cancer will piss me off. 

One lesson:

If you are working and have health insurance through work; remember: you got that herpes at work, you got the urinary tract infection at work, the alcohol poisoning at work, you burned your finger at work, broke your ankle at work, got dirty sea water into your eye at work, got the ear infection at work, etc, otherwise you are screwed.

A problem that could have been spotted with one MRI, and saved me thousands of euros, and not permanently damaged my toe, was first left to time, after I got worse and had to go the private way abroad, then I got a Finnish X-ray...

Finish healthcare,
Free care,
If you accept it is 1946.

P.s. I paid 100 euros for an MRI that costs 1000 here. Free market baby. Free market. It may cost, but you live.

The authority’s inspection has revealed that differences exist in allocating compensation to citizens, for example, among different genders and areas of the country. 
 How do I know that men are getting the short end of the stick?

Because they are not shouting "Women are getting less compensation, wawawawawawa"

It is not mentioned which gender gets screwed, so it is men.

This article was not about healthcare per se, but since the health insurance claimed that the healthcare did nothing wrong in my specific case, for me they are one and the same.

They did nothing wrong, assuming you got stuck in 1946.

I learned the hard way that the system is out there to screw me, I only have got to come to terms with the fact that it is not dishonorable to screw the system in return.

I have one more office left that I will try for reimbursement; shall do that in the near future.


  1. "that I could have permanently had lost my left leg, my bladder control and sexual abilities "

    Damn man. I can not think of a single ailment that would do such a thing to a person. Glad to know that you are better though.