Saturday, September 17, 2011

Smelly Media: Growing back your balls makes you a coward

Why do I say "Growing back your balls?"

Because of the Winter War.

Without balls, there would only have been a russian winter; and few russian decades following it. And maybe situations like in Poland and Ukraine, in a country which would cease to exist if a fraction of those atrocities were committed here.

Finns had lost their balls due to their belief that the rulers are indeed looking out for the Finnish folk and the respectable non-Finns living inside the borders.

Recently they started plucking their heads out of the snow, and taking back their balls that had been boiling on the sauna stove for few decades, like the slow boiled frog.

P.s.: I put the disclaimer somewhere below but am adding it here. I use "You" a lot; and this is a figure of speech. I am not talking about the prime minister when using "you".

PM: Is Finland growing cowardly?
Taking a stand against xenophobia, Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen on Wednesday said he is concerned that the Finnish social climate is hardening. The premier said he has noticed a shift in society over recent months.
Here is a shift:

A Finn walking down the street maybe with his friend or two, since Finns do not usually hang out in bigger groups is faced with a group of immigrants, not one, not two, but five, but ten. All dressed to the hilt, all shiny new shoes, trendy clothes, all aggressive looking, and none in the fear of the police since the police would be afraid of being racist, if an event would occur. All hanging around the town 24/7, all expenses paid bt the state, including better and newer clothing than the finns, including 50 euro haircuts that this working Finn cannot afford, and looking at the Finn with an aggressive Finnophobia.

Two types of these wolf packs exist:

The "Thug Life" followers. Lots of bling bling, big shiny hats, low hanging jeans., Guess underwear, jeans proudly proclaiming "Thug Life"... Walks like a prison b&tch. Hanging out in groups of  five to ten, always hanging out, and looking for whom to eat next.

The other group looks Spanish, sometimes claims to be Spanish or Italian to women, wears tight jeans, has very stylish beards, likes white jackets, pointy shoes, and walks like a rooster. Always sits in coffees, looking for who to sneer at next. Are the main group fighting in the nightclubs; like 9 out of 10 times it is these lotharios causing the fights.

A Finn, and educated/respectable foreigners have recently been bombarded with the increase in these groups' numbers.

Oh, need to mention that somehow the females of these men are either not in the country or are totally invisible? Must be some voodoo magic or camel dung potion...

While the Finns and the working foreigners are working, these groups are socializing and building alliances; sitting around, standing around, sneering at people, staring at people, shouting at people, cutting their way etc...

Xenophobia is the least of your problems, Mr. Prime Minister.

Please one day without announcement, walk the streets and wait till a walking Finn passes by a low hanging group of these wolf packs, and see what your brother has to go through.

Since women are seen as temporary sperm deposits they are treated better than the Finnish men, who are openly despised and subjugated by the numbers.

The social climate will not only harden, it will burn, in the way it continues. And this will not be the fault of the Finns who stand up to this crime that the elites are indulging in.

The number of wolf packs are increasing every year;

The immigrants are getting bolder and bolder, taking over the living space, the recreation space of the locals; and Finn-flight will only continue that much, at some point it will be Finn-fight, and many foreigners I know will be taking the side of the Finns. And this will not be Finn's fault.

Shooting the messenger will not make the truth untrue.

Putting your head in the snow will not stop the avalanche your fart created.

Now slowly the Finns are starting to move from Finn-flight into Finn-speak, and they are called cowards. Very very convenient.
Speaking at his NCP parliamentary groups summer conference in Espoo, Katainen said that Finland seems to have started to fear others' success.
Who others?

The ones who leech of the working people claiming discrimination and being unfortunate?

The ones who sell their restaurant to another cousin every second year to claim tens of thousand of euros in "enterpreneurship aid money"

The ones who work in their cousins restaurants while racking in no less than thousand euros unemployment benefits plus free housing?

Or are we talking internationally?

Finnish companies are fearing the Chinese? Who have no issues with environmental standards, employee benefits, workplace health, child labor, who do not pay 100% tax on each employers salary?

I would be sh%t scared.

So you should be,

For the producing population. That is trying to make ends meet. That does not get "Disco-money" no matter if the economy is in the sh&tters or not.
Is it really so that Finland is becoming a nation of cowards that doesnt trust itself anymore? asked the National Coalition Party chair.
It is not allowed to trust itself if the trust is not based on the joys of multiculti or the beauty of diversity.
The nation is strong, the people courageous, but it is being betrayed.

Where have all the strong Finns gone?

You sued them. You impoverished them. You took their livelyhoods, their benefits, their free speech; and now you want their souls? (Not talking about the PM when using "You"; to clarify)
That doesnt trust that we can succeed in an open international community?
If the PC-MC-Div-Left-Lib crowd would stop digging under the Finns and planting TNT every other week, they would succeed.
That doesnt trust that Finnish culture is strong enough that we can welcome immigrants? That doesnt trust its own abilities?

I cannot explain exactly how, but these words are an admission that immigrants do not strengthen the culture.

Even if it may be in the translation, it is in the way he used the words.

He says that the culture does not believe it is strong enough, he does not say the culture thinks it will weaken. He thinks the culture is strong enough, but by choosing this wording it also means that immigrants are not strengthening the culture. and a strong culture can withstand the havoc that multiculti will wreak on it.

 The Finns know this. The jobs are going. The benefits are going to professionally dependent aliens. Who will stay aliens.

Of course once again immigrants are lumped all together.
He also expressed regret that many political discussions had become more extreme in tone, despite the fact that Finland has traditionally emphasised values such as moderation and caution.
F¤ck me if I am seeing any moderation in free speech.

This is the common response I get from most of the Finns that I trust enough to open up:

"Man you are so lucky. You cannot be called racist. I, as a Finn could never say those"

When asked: "Why don't you go to your previous coffee place anymore"

The answer is a silent "You know why."

Moderation my a$$.

The Finns have almost become slaves working for the elites and their imported gems of diversity, soon they will be unwelcome foreigners in their own country if they dare to open their mouths.

Finn, If you want your child to have a chance of a civilized life, you vote Perussuomalaiset, a.k.a The Finns.

Those tomato traders, potato growers have your best interests in mind. Even if they are incompetent, they will not cause as much damage as the competent trai....*

For Germany, Thilo Sarrazin for president.

*trailers?? trains??


  1. I'm confused, the Prime Minister is worried about xenophobia but doesn't want to do anything about rouge immigrants and their actions that are creating the very xenophobia he complains about?

    Meh I'm only 18 and American so maybe it's just because I'm young.


  2. Think of it this way:

    It is winter, -20C, the child is cold. The window is open; and the heaters are fully on.

    Cannot turn up the central heaters anymore because this is all the hot water coming due to limited supply and extensive leaks in the piping system.

    The child tells the dad that it is cold.

    The dad turns a deaf ear and opens all the other windows.

    When the child tells daddy it is cold,

    He shouts at the child saying it should not complain, and it should behave;

    Oh, did I mention that he forbade it to wear gloves and warm clothing?

    Just now even the heaters are catching ice, not because of the incoming cold, but rather the because leaks early in the system get more efficient, greedy, expensive, ingenious, bigger every passing moment.