Saturday, September 24, 2011

Talking about male dekoltees

In the hipster post, I made fun of the shitster wearing low cut tshirts on a smooth chest with no manly flesh.

I am also guilty of wearing dekoltees.

Thought; I have not brought myself to wear a low cut round tshirt sleeve, I am known for wearing all tshirt buttons open, or most of the top shirt buttons open.

Now, I got a defined pec line, and a bulging chest underneath it, and a decent amount hair covering it, and yes, I proudly show them off.

This, does not come across as welcome by the hipsters themselves.

Like the guy, instead of getting pissed at his girlfriend flirting with me, being unable to take his eyes away from my chest, grabbing my hair and telling me "Reall maaannnsss haiirrrr" with awe in his eyes. The situation was so absurd I just stood there watching.

Recently, I was in a bar, again with my chest open, this time wearing a tight tshirt with buttons, all open.

As my boys were jumping like monkeys in the dancefloor, I was by the bar looking around and enjoying my drink.

Then I notice this one skinny died long haired hipster metal mix, in tight black jeans, lots of necklaces standing in front of me with a huge woman looking like a beer barrel.

He looks at my eyes, I look at his eyes;
He looks down at my chest, he frowns, I start watching the movie with no script unfold in front of me;
He turns to the BeerBarrel (she had a cute face so I cannot call her a WarPig), and tells something to her ear, in his face there is disgust, I watch scene two,
The BeerBarrel looks at my chest, turn to the guy and says something, I am now watching scene three unfold
Now both of them turn to give my chest a last glance, and try to make fun among themselves.

All the time, I am watching the situation, enjoying the sh¤t out of it, remembering all the times a woman's fingers could not get enough of the merchandise; in public.

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