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Smelly Media: Now alltogether : "We are so sorry",... nääää

Asylum roleplay to explore Dublin deportations in Helsinki

A role-playing game designed to show the workings of refugee movements across
the European Union will take over a square in downtown Helsinki this
weekend. The organises describe it as an ’art project dealing with European
asylum policy’.

Since it is a contemporary art festival, it is safe to assume that the game, as a part of contemporary art festival,  is done so that we feel how bad it is for the asylum seekers.*

To say the truth, I feel for the Finns, I feel for any indigenous culture in Europe that is constantly bombarded with this kind of stuff.

Some fifty participants will take on the roles of asylum seekers, border
guards and officials in an effort to explore how European asylum policy

There is no European Asylum Policy, except, "Our doors are open to everyone, no matter the background, not matter the present criminal acts, no matter the intentions"

P.s.: Educated, legal, working immigrants will be treated as privileged oppressive invaders. Of course they will still be taxed one third to one half of their rightful legal earnings.

P.s.: If you have a house, a car, and a very good job at home like department head in a multinational company, you will be denied a tourist visa because "You may enter the country and illegally stay there"...


Asylum seekers in the game will have to obtain money and some means of
survival, just like asylum seekers in real life. Border guards will man the
fringes of the settlement, checking papers, registering migrants and turning
away those that do not meet criteria set by the European Union.

So, what do you call it when a country's people are not allowed to put forward a criteria for the people that they will at least temporarily for long time let into their country, make part of their welfare state, and share resources with?

I call it oppression, I call it denying the right of self governance, self determination, it is a basic trampling of citizen rights.

But here is the interesting part:
"Asylum seekers in the game will have to obtain money"
Usually asylum seekers come from places in which the daily income is few euros. The trafficking to any European country takes at least a few thousand euros, judging from reports in the newspapers.

From this it follows that that kind of money in these kinds of places can either be obtained by

1. The brilliant minds.
2. The criminal minds.

If the immigrant coming to the EU is part of the "brilliant minds" than the home country is losing a big asset, a possibly scarce asset, to the EU.

If the immigrant coming to the EU is part of the "criminal minds" then please someone tell me the benefit to the EU.

The game is named after the Dublin 2 Regulation, which established the
principle that asylum seekers in EU countries could be returned to the first
EU country they came to. In practice that ensures migrants in northern
Europe are often sent back to countries in the south of the EU, which lack
the infrastructure to deal with a backlog of asylum cases.
So maybe unlimited immigration is really not good for the EU, which now seems to face a possible economic collapse, where the brilliant minds will return home, but the others will stay; and neither South or North EU has the luxury anymore to play "World's do-gooders" in expense of their own children's future resources.

Do I feel bad for asylum seekers? Yes, I have met many whose stories were horrible, horrible, horrible. It was not my people who did that.

Do I feel bad for the asylum seekers once they cross the border; and get denied, or complain about this and that if accepted? No. I got my own life, and my future children's life to think about.

I also respect the European Culture and Heritage and respect the rights of European people to self determine what their future will look like without having to share precious resources with others who have no ancestral ties to the place, people or the culture, and have shown that they have no respect either.

You can either worship diversity,
Or you can respect humanity.
Those two are mutually exclusive,
As once diversity is imposed upon an indigenous culture, that culture with time loses its own core, it ceases to exist,
And this is a humanitarian crime.
Nowadays we are talking about Genocide and all that. The historians of the future will talk about Imposed Cultural Genocide and Cultural Suicide, when talking about 21st century Europe.

I am all for human rights,
But not if it is depicted as "The rights of some are more right than the rights of others"

* The reason for my assumption about the Contemporary Art Festival's attitude is what Contemporary Art has produced in the past and the usual crowd that is associated with it. 99% is the chance that I made the right assumption; and 99% is the probability that "Discussion" will not include the Indigenous European People's rights. 

This is what contemporary art has come up with, and has even given awards to. Surprisingly, it is not hate crime, while my respectful words above are possibly bordering it.

Piss Christ

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