Thursday, September 22, 2011

Night of the bearhug 1 - Where have all the good men gone

Thought I had posted this, it is Part 1:

My friend, Gymnast, came to pick me up from the bar that I was getting slowly warmed up at. We went to a club, did not like it, left to another.

On the way, we stopped by a bar to pick up two other friends, who had a full bowl of sangria in front of them.

Some chat, some drinking followed, then we decided to get up and leave to the next club.

MY jacket was at the Gymnast's side of the table, and when we got up he took my jacket and held it up for me.

In the meantime, the three girls in the table behind us were also getting up, so my face was thirty centimeters from the blondy's face, when I was held my jacket to, and I replied a kind

"Thank you"

The blondie looks up, and I say, smiling,

"Heh, that thank you was not for you"

"I know" she says, with a frown....

"A'ight" I say; "My friend deserved a thank you for being nice"

"So? Why you saying that to me"

At this point I knew I was dealing with a strong independent bitch... I was feeling too good to argue,

"Ah I thought maybe you would take that "thank you" as for you"

And continue out. 

Now, her two girls are out, my two guys are out, Gymnast is just in front of me, and the blondie behind me.

While approaching the door, the blondie starts

"I think it is pathetic that you..." she gets cut off by us coming to the door

I am just walking,

"I think it is pathetic that you..." she tries to continue, just as we are out, just as her two friends are watching us, and just as I am smiling, muttering to myself;

I mean, sincerely, just to myself, "Yea yea, whatever", at which point blondie must have heard it as she shuts up, her two friends have open jaws, I am smiling, Gymnast goes "Dude, WTF was that?", with his mouth to his ears.

Ignorance is the biggest punishment a woman can get, besides ridicule. And I did not care enough to think which punishment she deserves.

Now, this girl could almost be considered a dive for me, and she is using this language on me.

Wonder what language she uses on guys who would sincerely think of her as in their league.

Year after year, thousands of independent strong women acting this way on many more thousands of men, it is no wonder men think of beer as being better company and decide women are to be pursued once the body cannot take more beer and the beer goggles are in full effect, as are the beer-earbuds.

And then they wonder

"Why did he not call back"


Why should he?

Your behavior, in the thousands, made it clear that you got no good company to offer other than speedy pipe cleaning?

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