Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Smelly Media: Grrrl Power - 2 - This Finnish government hates all men, men's families, and also the hard working women

Newsweek praises women's political rights in Finland

Because as you know, women in Germany cannot vote, in the US women are not allowed to speak, in Spain women are not allowed to write, in Italy women are not allowed to type...

Wow... Women have the right to vote, a right that has been given to men after they died like cockroaches in the millions, for their country, which means women and children when most of the men are under arms, or in the queue to be under arms. 

Finnish women have the best political rights in the world, according to the latest edition of Newsweek. However, this contrasts with fresh calls for the introduction of quotas to give women more say in how publicly traded companies are run.
Best rights in the world. Err.. What is the condition of the men's rights? Right. Men don't matter, as we are a privileged kind. You know, falling from constructions, drowning in sewers, burning in fires, some working 14 hours a day, who needs rights when you got those rights?
We will get to that crap later.
The US news magazine listed Iceland, Sweden and Canada as the best nations for women. Finland ranks in fifth position behind Denmark.
Ever asked a Swedish man what he thinks? Or the gender neutral parent's non gender neutral little boys in gender neutral kindergardens?
Asked an Icelandic man on what he thinks about sailing the stormy oceans in a little fishingboat for three months, so his wife and kids can have a life?
Asked a Danish man who feels foreign at home, and soon they will outlaw the word "man" anyway?
Ever asked why a Finn drinks this much?
"In 1906, Finland was the first country to give women the right to vote and run for office. Today, in politics they're the tops," writes the magazine.
When did men get their right to vote? Was it after a war when one in ten men died? Did Finnish men have voting rights since 2377 BC?
What makes it better for a woman to be in politics?
Since we all have the same brain and gender is a social construct, does this not contradict the gender lectures we are given?
Does the Vajayjay have magical political powers of wisdom?
We all got the Wisdom Tooth, do women also have the Wisdom Tunnel?
Sometimes the Wisdom Tooth has to be pulled out???
Women are well-represented in the Finnish Parliament. However, only one in ten of all city managers and a quarter of municipal council chairpersons are women
Hundred years of equaltity; read: affirmative policies; and still got squat to show for it.
Equal opportunity for a hundred years, sh¤t to show for it, now we need equal outcome for less work.
That is eqwaliteeeeee defined by the Powaful Grrrrrrlllsssss....
Independent, stong, and in desperate need of affirmative action.

Calls for quotas in business life
As we all know, especially during bad economical times, the main goals of businesses are to provide charity for women, and be social engineering powerhouses; not to make profit. Who needs profit when you can celebrate Grrrrllll Power by having men lift the ladies up?
The position of women in Finnish public companies and trade unions is less than satisfactory.
Maybe they should work more, have a stronger drive, put in more time, be more innovative, turn out more profit, sacrifice more, make more long nights?
Maybe women should deserve those high position before claiming a right to them?
Two government ministers on Thursday called for the introduction of quotas for the number of women on the boards of public corporations. The minister responsible for equality issues, Paavo Arhinmäki, proposed legislation to guarantee a minimum 40 percent quota of women members on company boards.
Men. This government has itself thus stated it does not care about you. Indirectly it does not care about your families, if you are involved with you family. This government has state that it is the enemy of working men.
It has also stated that it is the enemy of the hard working woman. Now, she will always be under the scrutiny of eyes that do not know if she is a quota bitch or one genuinely deserving the position.
This government has stated that it is willing to walk over hardworking people to make the ladies feel good. At the expense of everybody.
The financial daily Kauppalehti reported Finance Minister Jutta Urpilainen as saying the government could introduce a gender quota system during the current electoral term.
Is Ms. Jutta there because of some quota? Or does she deserve the position?

While she is at the process of instating quotas in the top positions, here are some more quotas to consider:

40% of women sewer workers
40% of women garbage collectors
40% of women asphalt layers
40% of women plumbers
40% of women roofers
40% of women foresters
40% of women firefighters
40% of women janitors
40% of women bus drivers
40% of women street cleaners
40% of women fishers
40% of women farmers
40% of women car mechanics
40% of women high voltage electricians
40% of women night guards
40% of women turned down medical care because "It will pass"
40% of women workplace deaths
40% of women prisoners
40% of women as custodial parents
40% of women paying child support

But nooo....

All they think of

40% of women in managerial positions they are unqualified for, they do not deserve, and will suck at.

Prima (Donna) example on how supposed equality destroys the economy.

Having women feel good is more important that having the children having food.

This has been a good example. Femishits, femifisting western life into a 4th world sh%thole. But hey, it makes the ladies feel good.

A$$ covering necessary disclaimer: Am not talking about Ms. Jutta when talking about femixxx. She is just another brainwashed little soul parroting the party line. Successful little soul at that. Quota? Or genuinely qualified?

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