Thursday, September 15, 2011

Smelly Media: Legislation is not working, we need more legislation

Minister suggests diluting beer

Minister of Health and Social Services Maria Guzenina-Richardson is considering a plan to lower the alcohol content of beer.
Most of Finnish beers taste like watered down versions of German Pils or Chech Pilsners...

Only few of the brands I like, and their names have manly names and strong tastes.

Now, we will not be even able to enjoy that one sinfully expensive sin of ours?

She told the newspaper Turun Sanomat that diluting the standard class-3 beer would reduce binge drinking by youth. The minister notes that in Sweden beer sold in grocery stores has a maximum alcohol content of 3.5 percent.
Any drink that is not a cider or a beer or something that is called lonkero (gin and lemonade, at 3.5%) cannot be sold in the supermarkets.
Those drinks, wine, spirits, liquors, etc,  are sold in state owned monopoly shops Alko.

If, you are having a party and ran out of beer sold in the markets, you are sh%t out of luck, no shop is allowed to sell alcohol after 9pm.
A German market chain, Lidl, is now, as a special promotion,  advertising Light Cider 4.7% for 1.85e... So, the prices are sky high.

Another example would be the price of tequila. Sierra Tequila Silver 0.7L bottle costs 27.40 euros; I just bought 1L Sierra Silver and 1L Sierra Gold for 29.90 euros total from an airport. I am aware that the duty free shops are cheaper, but a 3-to-1 ratio is a bit too much, eh?

Confining alcohol to state owned monopolies, having strict rules in checking ID, high prices, restricted selling times, a 200% tax has not stopped the kids from binging themselves into oblivion?
Yea, even more laws will definitely cure this problem.

Maybe we shall put it into a law that the liquor cabinets at home shall be under lock, according to the "Home Held Alcohol Safety Legislation Clause 31.ZZZ".

And like I said before,

Sweden as an example? Shoot me.

SDP politician Guzenina-Richardson took over her first ministerial post two months ago

This is going to be entertaining!

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