Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Before asking "better mother", shall we ask "mother your child"?

Had not seen this girl, ShyBazookas in years. The last time we chatted when I was feeling speedy, she was shy and I was not into investing more time. Still am not, but that is not important.

She was standing with a very cute girl, FreeRidingHood, so I had to go say "Hey, long time, eh?"

Both girls are receptive, ShyBazookas more.

"You girls like standing in the way, I see" I say
"Yes, we like picking targets" says FreeRidingHood
"I did not feel I was being targeted"
"I find that hard to believe" says FreeRidingHood
"So how are you targeting?" I ask

"We just look" says FreeRidingHood.... Man talk about an effing double standard there.
"How is it working out?"
"Ok, she is teaching me" says ShyBazookas
"Ah I see" I say, "What do the targets then do?"
"She gets them to buy drinks" says ShyBazookas, the girls have almost empty glasses of what looks like GinTonic.

"What about you?"
"I cant do it"
"But she is teaching you"
"Yes, but I can't. Feels wrong"

FreeRidingHood tells ShyBazookas that they will go to the bar to get some drinks, I also want to get a drink, and I just want to watch this. On the way I talk with ShyBazookas about getting girls to get guys buy drinks for them, and one for me (happened enough times), but she is too shy for that "I can't ask that" etc...

We get to the bar,

FreeRidingHood orders two Cosmopolitans, and at the same time started talking to the man on her left. Bartender brings the man his beer, and the girls their Cosmos, and asks the man if he is paying. Cheerfully he said yes.

I order my Tequila soda, and chat a bit more.

"She knows these things" says ShyBazookas,
"Yea she does", I say, still watching the behavior of FreeRidingHood, she knew her way around,
"She is engaged but we like going out once a month with her"

I note that, chat some more, and then go continue my journey.

I see them later with another drink looking like GinTonic

And then another Cosmo...

Both girls were freeriding, same as if women give free sex, men just comply;

But I cannot help but think,

It is clear who is the choice for few porkings, mainly due to differences in the necessary minimum time investment

For long term though,

Can you train a shy one into a fun one?
Can you train a presently Attention Seeking Miss-ile (Which likely was a Cock Seeking Miss-ile back in the days of the fun and free USSR) into a faithful one?

Is the question "Which one will be a better mother?"?


Is the question "Which one will have you be a father to the children that she actually mothered from you?"?

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